Your gifts open doors in Georgia . . .

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SGA’s Compassion Ministry helps support children and families throughout the nations of the former Soviet Union.

In the Caucasus mountain region of Georgia, a man named Demna and his wife Lena approached a dilapidated apartment. They were not prepared for what they would find.

No furniture. Almost no food. Every room in disrepair. And three very cold, hungry children—with a 16-year-old girl acting as “mother” to her 13-year-old sister and 11-year-old brother.

The children’s real mother had left to look for work in Italy. The parents divorced after fleeing Abkhazia during a war in 1993 and settled in the Georgian town of Zugdidi. Now the older sister was forced to quit school to enable her siblings to survive. They had lived in an old military barracks for a while. And now in this barren, sad apartment.

Demna and Lena were heartbroken. But with help from SGA’s Compassion Ministry they knew they could respond! Now the children are getting food, clothes, regular visits, loving companionship from the church—and the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Please pray for these children and the millions in similar misery.

Grandparents Become Parents . . .

So Church Steps In

In the same nation of Georgia, SGA-sponsored missionary pastor Levan is a medical doctor by training. For a number of years, he has been devoted to showing the compassion of Christ to needy families and individuals through a medical clinic he operates in his region in addition to his church ministry. The majority of the people in need of his help are lonely older people who are bringing up grandchildren left in their care. The parents have different reasons why they cannot take care of their own children, but a major reason is that they are away in larger towns looking for work.

So Levan plants, sows, and reaps in this mission field where souls are desperate for God’s truth and His love.

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