1904 Sga Apr Enews 'you Are The Man' Preview
Mar 21, 2019
People in Remote Areas
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Pastor Sergei teaches the Word of God and prays with many people of Sukhinichi.

Pastor Sergei Volokitin reports from Sukhinichi, Russia. 

The Sukhinichi shopping center is an excellent location for reaching people and having Gospel conversations. We are able to reach many young people and teenagers who go there for free Wi-Fi. Each person we meet responds differently to hearing the Gospel, but they usually listen to us.

Recently, I talked to a 40-year-old man from Moldova who is also named Sergei. When he found out that I am a pastor, he invited me to visit him at home and to bless his house. I told him that his wish was a good wish, but that we do not bless homes. Rather, we bless people with the Word of God. Sergei replied, “You are the man I was looking for.” I was surprised!

Sergei has two sons, and the older boy has autism. When I came to Sergei’s home, I noticed a strong smell of alcohol. Sergei introduced me to the boy and said, “Please, bless him and talk to him that his problem might leave him.” He added that his family had visited many doctors and specialists, but nothing had helped.

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The man’s family is grateful for the opportunity to know the Lord.

I asked Sergei, “What do you expect from me?” He answered, “I want you to pray that his illness will leave him, as he was baptized when he was a baby.” I then replied, “Yes, I will talk to your son. But first of all, I want to talk with you. Baptism without faith is nothing. It is important that a person believes in God and He will reward those who seek Him. I will pray for your son, but only God saves and heals! God will answer in the way He knows. You have to seek God, first of all.” Sergei bowed his head and said, “You are right. Please, help me.” I shared the Gospel with him and then we prayed together.

Please pray for Sergei and his family as we continue to visit them, and that they will be able to believe in God with sincere hearts.

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