Vladimir Khalyavin
Orphans Reborn in Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Orphans Spiritual Discipleship

Through Orphans Reborn you are able to bring God’s love to so many!

As part of our ministry in Russia’s Krasnoyarsk region, God has given us a vision to find families for each orphan child. Not all can be foster mothers and fathers, but God has people who are able to care for an orphan over weekends and holidays, who can help them in their day-to-day situations, and others who will simply pray for them daily.

I have been making presentations of our Orphans Reborn ministry in several churches, and I told believers about the needs of orphans, and how each believer can serve them. We invited each church member to become a personal prayer partner paired to a specific orphan. And we were joyful that almost all the orphans were coupled to a brother or sister in Christ who would pray for them daily. 

The prayers are being heard and answered! I can see the results of our prayers in the children as they participate in our lessons and meetings. This month our main subject was “Influence.” We had lessons on how we can distinguish negative influences and peer pressure from our friends.

In Nazarovo, we have sports activities as part of our lessons. The children really enjoy this, and they come to our group with eagerness. Through the physical exercises, they are learning how important it is not to give up when you are under pressure, but to be persistent, making every effort and persevere in order to be successful, and to become victorious.

In this group of children, we have a new boy named Kostya, who is 12. His brothers are also in the orphanage. Kostya does not have his left arm, and when he came to our sports practice, I was concerned. I asked him how he would be able to do the exercises, and his reply was, “Would you allow me to try?” His joy (and mine) was limitless when he was able to complete push-ups faster than the others!

“I am especially enthused with
their desire and commitment
to act according to the truth
that they learn.”

The sports activities and Bible lessons help give the children a chance to be successful. They’re learning to tame their anger when there could be much irritation, and not to repay evil with evil. Such discipline will help them in their later lives. We train them in being goal-oriented and persistent in overcoming physical weaknesses, this also helps them to become better both in their behavior and in their attitude toward other people.

Orphans Reborn Physical TrainingPlease pray for these children, and the other children who are hearing the Gospel and experiencing God’s love through Orphans Reborn. May God draw many of them to saving faith as we continue to reach them in our regular visits.

The children are very creative and they love to participate in sketches. Although this is not easy for them as all of them have some speech disabilities and difficulties in expression of their thoughts. But due to their emotions, they clearly convey the story line as well as the teaching.

I am especially enthused with their desire and commitment to act according to the truth that they learn. I have plans to keep in touch with them during the week by means of social networks. The older children have cell phones and personal accounts in networks, which makes this possible. Please, pray for this opportunity, as well as for wisdom in that, so that I would be able to show them Jesus Christ.

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