Olga learned how to direct believers to offer the sacrifice of praise
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Olga serves in music ministry at her church.

My name is Olga, and the Lord blessed me with a wonderful family—my husband Alexei, daughter Victoria, and son Vladislav. Three of us—my husband, my son, and I—were baptized on the same day at the Emmanuel Church in Almaty, Kazahkstan.

Each of us has a calling from God, and it is very important to be obedient to Him, and to fulfill His purpose for us. I had been serving as part of a worship group, and in January of last year, it became clear to me that I needed to develop in this direction of music ministry. I talked to our pastor, and he gave me the go-ahead to begin study at the SGA-sponsored Almaty Bible Institute in the Music Ministry program. The door opened for me to take classes in their Evening/Night School called “Scriptura.” The classes are held in week-long sessions monthly. We are required to read books at home with assignments, and then to write essays on the given topics.

The Lord opened the way for me, and I was able to finish everything that needed to be completed, and passed. I graduated from the night program with excellent marks, and continue to study in the full music program at Almaty.

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Olga at Almaty Bible Institute.

I am thankful to the Lord that through training at Almaty, He showed me how much He loves me and cares about my spiritual growth. It was within the walls of this wonderful theological educational institution that I realized it is necessary to have humility before the Word of God—the Bible—and that having a correct understanding of the biblical texts directly affects my ministry in the church. This ministry of music has been entrusted to me by God, and I must carry it out with a humble heart. I am grateful to each of the Almaty Bible Institute teachers, and for God’s direction in improving our family life as well.

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