Reaching and Baptizing Youth in Ukraine
Roman Kravchuk SGA-Sponsored Missionary Pastor in Ukraine 

Reaching and Baptizing Youth in UkraineI am so full of gratitude for your concern and support for my ministry in Ukraine. I hope you can fully understand the importance of our ministry—it is your support that allows me to do a lot of work and spread the Gospel!  

Last summer, for example, we participated in many trips, meetings, messages, and seminars that have to be held in different parts of Ukraine. We were able to preach the Gospel to about 200 young people in the Vinnitsa region. Also, every year festivals for teenagers are held in Volyn. This event brings together hundreds of youth, and this past summer we had about 500. I had the privilege to preach the evangelistic service and God blessed us. Dozens of young people repented and reconciled with the Lord! The largest event was the 14th Congress of Christian Youth in Odessa, and my team organized this Congress. There were about 3,000 people attending, and it took a whole year of preparation to get ready for it. Our prayer was to inspire young believers to tirelessly serve the Lord and people, and to enable them to share the Gospel with those who do not yet know about Jesus.  

We gathered for worship, heard guest speakers, attended Bible and evangelism training seminars, and took time for recreation. On the day of the Annunciation, 250 youth traveled into Odessa and neighboring villages to share God’s Word and the Gospel with people. We also went to 65 homes occupied by needy families, with the intent of showing compassion and mercy as we cared for them.  

Reaching and Baptizing Youth in UkraineThis Congress has motivated us to invest more with the younger generation. The event might be over, but our mission continues! We must apply what we have learned in everyday life. In fact, the theme of the Congress was “He is in Everything,” meaning that God is involved in all spheres of life and wants us to be as well.  

The last event of the fall season was Harvest Day. This event took place in the central square of Kiev. There were some 200,000 people gathered there, and the main feature was the preaching of the Gospel, along with a concert program and many other activities. The Lord has blessed Ukraine and has given us a unique opportunity to share the Gospel. Please continue to pray for us and allow me to again express my gratitude for your support! 

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