Pastor Mark Zhuk
Pastor Mark Zhuk

Mark Zhuk
Graduate of Novosibirsk Biblical-Theological Seminary

One of the latest challenges for pastors in Russia is the COVID-19 pandemic and the self-quarantine it imposed on the church. Churches all over the world were forced to close their Houses of Prayer and continue without congregational church services. Having been faced with this problem, I as a pastor had many additional questions to answer.

  • What is a worship service? 
  • What do we do with communion? 
  • Is having the Lord’s Supper online a legitimate option? 
  • What is the role of the church during the pandemic? 
  • What is the connection of the pandemic with biblical teaching about the end times?

Because I had the good biblical foundation that I received at Novosibirsk Biblical-Theological Seminary, as well as wise counsel from other brothers in our church, we were able to provide biblical answers to all of the above questions. Having sound, biblical theology shapes the proper ministry of the church and the right philosophy of ministry. 

I completed my studies at NBTS in 2016, having received the Master of Theology degree. All seven years I spent at the seminary were a great blessing for me as well as a strong impetus for pastoral ministry. I am confident that every pastor needs a good biblical theological education because pastors today constantly encounter challenges from society that require a biblical response. 

Besides biblical theology, NBTS also puts a great emphasis on expository preaching. Every pastor needs to have the right approach to the Scriptures, proper interpretation, and the ability to clearly and comprehensively deliver biblical truths to listeners. It is expository preaching that helps a pastor to reach the maximum results in the exact communication of biblical truth to his listeners. 

I accepted pastoral responsibilities at Holy Trinity Church in 2014 and began to preach through the Gospel of Mark, pondering together with our congregation the Person of Jesus Christ. My training at NBTS also opened opportunities for me to teach biblical truths in Christian educational establishments. In our church we launched a Bible school where we train future church leaders. Every believer has the opportunity to be a student in our Bible school so they can learn to get deeper insight into Scriptures, and most importantly, to know deeper and to grow closer to our Lord Jesus Christ. 

We also opened a distance learning center of NBTS in 2019. The students consist of 18 brothers from Bashkortostan and the nearest regions of Russia who are already involved in ministry. I do hope that many more brothers who are ministers will be trained at NBTS, and that their studies will become a blessing not only to themselves and the churches they serve, but also for our whole country as we pray that the Lord would send a revival in Russia. 

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