Victor Bogushevich
SGA-Sponsored Missionary Pastor in Achinsk, Russia

Eating along the bank of the Chulym River.
Eating along the bank of the Chulym River.

I’d like to share with you how our ministry has taken place over the past year even in the midst of restrictions due to the pandemic. Last summer (2020) was the fifth year we have held a Christian summer camp, but we had to do it differently. In the past, we rented a base for the camp but this time we organized a tent camp. We could not bring as many children as before—this time we had 17 teenagers. 

They came from both non-Christian and Christian homes, as well as from needy families. 

We held the camp on the banks of the Chulym River near Achinsk. The Gospel was communicated through Bible lessons, group discussions, sketches, and other visual means. There were several meals per day, along with boat trips, sports, and evening songs by the campfire. Over time, we could see the Lord working in the children from dysfunctional families. Those who were closed and aggressive became kinder, and those who were sad and depressed became more joyful. We wanted to pass on to each child the love of Jesus, helping them to understand there is a loving God who will never abandon them, and will always help them in difficult times. Pray with us that they will receive Christ in their hearts and follow Him all of their lives. 

Julia with her new Bible.
Julia with her new Bible.

We also spent much time in helping needy families whose lives were made even harder by the pandemic. Many have been laid off of their jobs and have financial difficulties. Our church actively participated in providing them with help.

One good example is a woman named Julia. She is 30 years old and was left without work because her organization was forced to close. Her husband was addicted to drugs and left her with three children and an elderly mother who is ill. We met with her and took food to her family. We had a very good meeting—she shared her story and we explained why we had come to her. We told her about the One who died for us and Who loves us. I shared my own testimony, and at the end of our time together, I gave her the Gospel and invited her to visit our church. 

With all my heart, I want to thank God for you, for your prayers and financial support. The Lord provides, and all the glory be to Him!

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