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Jeremiah 33:3

July 28—Please intercede for SGA’s board of directors. Ask God to grant them His ongoing wisdom and anointing in guiding our global Gospel ministries.

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Innercircle Perspective

When you have prayed for or supported those who are in distress as a result of the conflict in Ukraine, you have done what our Lord wants us to do. When you gave of your resources to SGA’s Crisis Evangelism Fund, you helped a faithful Ukrainian church give vital food to a hungry family.

God Always Makes a Way

This past spring, we had extra medical expenses that left us with no money. But God didn’t stop His blessings and He provided me with a small job. My family was rejoicing and already, even before I was paid, we were planning how to use the money. But on my very first payday, I received a phone call from brother Sergei. He was calling to ask me to come to their church for a funeral.

Gratitude, Mercy, and Reconciliation

The wonderful reports continue to come in from SGA-sponsored missionary pastors in Belarus and Ukraine—reports of rejoicing as families are brought to the Lord through experiencing His kindness in action. Pastor Sergei K. labors in central Belarus. He wrote to tell us that we have a new brother in the Lord won through Sergei’s loving witness, and the food you helped provide.

Platon Chartschlaa: Remembering a Faithful SGA Bible Scholar

Retired SGA missionary Platon Chartschlaa went to be with the Lord on Wednesday, July 1, at the age of 97. He had recently moved from Florida to the Russian Retirement Home in Ashford, Connecticut. While we are grieved at the loss of this dear brother who labored so faithfully for the sake of the Gospel through SGA, we rejoice that He is now in the presence of His beloved Lord and Savior.

A “Timothy” for Moldova

For a while in my teenage years, I came under the influence of friends and classmates, and began to imitate their behavior. Sometimes, I was ashamed that my parents were Christians. But God intervened in such a way that He made me realize that my life depends entirely on Him. I repented and He forgave my sins, and for that I am thankful. My heart’s desire is to always please Him in everything.

Gratitude from Ukrainian War Refugees in Belarus

Thanks to SGA partners like you, we’ve been able to send funds and supplies to Ukrainian refugees through our Crisis Evangelism Fund. Recently, we’ve received several reports of how these gifts have touched the lives of these displaced families, and we’d like to share just a few of them with you.

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