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Easter Banner 2014

Jeremiah 33:3

April 19—Intercede for the staff of SGA’s Minsk RMC, led by Piotr Podrez. Pray for wisdom and protection from the Evil One in the midst of increasing oppression of churches.

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Innercircle Perspective

Banners over the streets proclaimed, “Christ Arose”. A 100-ft-tall mural portrayed the risen Christ on the wall of a building facing the main square. As people entered their hotel restaurant for breakfast, the headwaiter cheerfully and enthusiastically proclaimed, “Khristos Voskres”.

SGA Prayer Alert: The Crisis in Ukraine

The ongoing political unrest in Ukraine and uncertainty over Russia’s potential actions remain at the top of world headlines. After a series of consultations with evangelical church leaders in both nations, I want to bring you up to date from their perspective, and to pass on their request for ongoing intercessory prayer.

Youth IN Ministry Making a Difference for Christ

Recently, Pastor Vladimir Savich reported from Ukraine’s Volyn region, where his church youth are teaching Sunday school, preaching, evangelizing, and ministering to the elderly.

Troubled Hearts Seeking Eternal Hope

In this ministry update, SGA-sponsored missionary pastor Viktor Shipailo shares with us two stories of how God used him and his church ministry to reach out to his neighbors in Christ's name.

Orphans Reborn in Smolensk

SGA Orphans Reborn Coordinator Olya Ignatenkova wrote to us about an opportunity she had to teach children about proper hygiene; the dangers of smoking, drugs and alcohol; and about the Gospel and the history of the Christian Faith.

Central Asia: Youth in Ministry

An SGA-sponsored youth pastor shares how God is working through his ministry in a Central Asian country where spreading the Gospel can be dangerous.

The Faithful Church Youth of Belarus

SGA-sponsored pastor Ivan shares stories of his growing youth ministry, how they've been serving their community, and about how they led one man to faith at a location that might surprise you.

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