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Jeremiah 33:3

August 20—Pray for the staff of SGA’s Minsk RMC as they serve over 50 missionary pastors —an increasing challenge in Belarus with an ever more difficult economy.

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Innercircle Perspective

The turmoil and violence of the past few months in Ukraine has been heartbreaking and church leaders throughout the country quickly laid out a plan to respond to the needs of their people. To help them, SGA organized the Crisis Evangelism Fund.

Ukrainian Churches: Shelters in Stormy Times

While the conflict in Ukraine continues, so many tragic stories are being reported from the battle zones in the east. Yet, even in the turbulent storm of conflict, there are also deeply moving testimonies of God’s people demonstrating His love to broken men, women, and children.

Ukraine: Girding Our Minds and Hearts for Action!

As believers and disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, it breaks our hearts to read about sorrow, violence, and death in another land, or to see it on television. For SGA staff recently returned from eastern Ukraine—accompanied by Ukrainian church leaders and missionary pastors—the experience can barely be put into words.

God’s Compassion at Work

In Ukraine’s northwest Volyn region, SGA-sponsored missionary pastor Vladimir Savich has been hard at work sowing the seeds of the Gospel with every opportunity. He is one of the faithful pastors involved in SGA-sponsored Compassion Ministry, distributing food parcels and Christian evangelistic literature to several families—16 adults and 27 children in all.

Summer Camp in Belarus!

Pastor Pavel, an SGA-Sponsored Missionary Pastor in Belarus, spent this summer reaching out to children in his region through summer camp ministry. He recently took a moment to share with us what miracles God has been performing in the lives of the children who participated.

Living Water in Siberia

God is at work through His people in Russia's Siberia region, warming many hearts with His love. Pastor Alexander Novosyolov recently shared a report that brings to mind John 4, where the Samaritan woman meets the Lord at the well.

Remembering the Love of Believers

In Belarus, the SGA-sponsored Orphans Reborn ministry has had a tremendous impact in the lives of hundreds of lonely, forgotten children. And yet, God--through His people--can show love and kindness, and make an eternal impact in young, heartbroken lives.

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