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Jeremiah 33:3

May 28—Pray for SGA’s ministry division, led by vice president Eric Mock. May God grant His continual guidance as we seek every opportunity to help Russian evangelical churches advance the Gospel.

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Innercircle Perspective

While the authorities tried constantly to destroy the churches, their harassment strengthened and even purified the churches. And it also served to protect their doctrinal convictions by keeping the false teachers away.

Rejoicing in St. Petersburg and in Heaven!

Not long ago, we shared a prayerful report from Irina Orlova, who serves as coordinator of the SGA-sponsored Orphans Reborn ministry in St. Petersburg, Russia. At the time, her grandson had been in the hospital, and while there visiting him, she met a young man named Vlad—also a patient. Together, Irina, her daughter-in-law, and her grandson shared their faith in Christ with Vlad. And now, Irina shares a joyful update with you, our faithful partners in prayer and ministry.

Global Day of Prayer This Sunday!

There are several “Days of Prayer” that are called throughout the year. Last Thursday, we observed the National Day of Prayer. In November, we observe the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. This Sunday, May 15, I would like to encourage you to join us in a global day of prayer being observed for the sake of advancing the Gospel.

SGA Missionary and Pastor Receives D Min Degree!

Today, SGA president Bob Provost and the SGA family congratulates SGA missionary Eugene Bakhmutsky on the occasion of receiving his Doctor of Ministry degree May 7, 2016.

Chernobyl: 30 Years Later

Today marks the 30-year anniversary of a tragedy that changed the course of millions of lives in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia—the Chernobyl nuclear accident. It’s a story that continues today, and due to the anniversary date, affords an opportunity to share what God is doing through His people even in the contaminated zone around the plant.

Key Central Asia Evangelical Church Receives Bomb Threat

Late yesterday, we received an urgent prayer request from the president of one of the national Baptist Unions in a Central Asian nation. It is quite serious. A stranger called the church office from a phone where the number was blocked from view on the caller ID. The man calling said he was a Muslim, […]

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