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Jeremiah 33:3

March 6—Pray for Ruslan Murataiev, who recently assumed responsibilities for SGA’s Regional Ministry Center (RMC) in Ukraine. We are thankful to God for His provision, and are praying for God’s ongoing anointing and guidance for our Kiev staff as they serve the churches during these days of trial.

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Innercircle Perspective

The faithful believers persecuted under communism learned a lot of things that we here in the West apparently missed as our culture of freedom impacted our hearts and lives.

A Thankful Widow and Faithful Grandmother

SGA-sponsored Orphans Reborn teams primarily carry out their dedicated ministries at orphanages and children’s homes across Russia and her neighboring countries. But the Lord often brings other wonderful ministry opportunities their way beyond the walls of the orphanage.

Thankful for Open Doors

Our hearts rejoice when we hear the wonderful news from SGA-sponsored Orphans Reborn teams that another door has opened for lonely, forgotten orphan children to hear the Gospel.

Refugees . . . But Scattering Gospel Seeds!

Just days ago, SGA’s Eric Mock was in Ukraine visiting refugees and missionary pastors from the war-torn regions in the east of the country. He returned home to the U.S. filled with testimonies about how God is using even the forced dispersion of his people to scatter Gospel seeds across Ukraine. Eric related a couple of the deeply moving stories told to him personally by refugee individuals and families.

Help and Comfort in Jesus’ Name

One of the great tragedies of life in Central Asia is the heartbreaking poverty that exists. In addition, local and national authorities often stand in the way of rendering help to those who need it most urgently. Yet by God’s grace and provision through SGA partners, help is arriving and the distributing churches are able to point the way to the Lord Jesus Christ.

SGA’s Elizabeth Lewshenia Now With Christ

On Thursday, January 29, 2015 retired, long-time SGA missionary Elizabeth Lewshenia went home to be with the Lord. She was 95 years old and had been battling illnesses for some time.

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