Editor’s Note: The images below were provided by an SGA-supported local church in Ukraine.

What has encouraged Pastor Andrei’s congregation during wartime in Ukraine? “None of our four pastors has left the church for a safe place,” he says. “All four of them, along with their families, serve the local church and those displaced from different areas. Other members of the church are encouraged by this fact!”

In addition to meeting the physical needs of their community through food packages, medicines, transportation, and diapers for babies, our spiritual brothers and sisters also celebrate the baptism of a young man named Alexander. “It was a blessed service,” says Pastor Andrei. “And the next day, Alexander went to his parents in [a different] region, to preach the Gospel in that area.”

Even though the war continues, God is blessing the lives of people who are suffering in horrific circumstances. Thank you for your support of His life-changing work!

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