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Mar 28, 2024
Editor’s Note: The following report and images were provided by an SGA-supported pastor in Israel.

“I heard on TV that a modern and educated person must know three things: one foreign language, to be able to work on a computer and read the Bible.”

These are the words of Sergei, who began a long search for God that began in Uzbekistan and is continuing to this day in the promised land of Israel. The constant thread through his story is the reading and study of God’s Word . . . and then full of God’s Word, he now ministers to others.

SGA team member Angelina shares his story in the words below and how SGA-supported Israel College of the Bible has been a huge part of Sergei’s growth and ministry. Please pray that God will continue to provide training through faithful schools like this, so that more servants like Sergei can impact the lives of hurting people in Israel . . . for the honor and glory of God!

Sergei was born in Uzbekistan into a family of Russian-speaking parents.

“My parents were convinced Communists, so the family didn’t believe in God, and even more so, I never heard from anyone about Christ. And only after graduating from college, at the age of 22, I began to think about the meaning of life, and about whether there is Someone who controls everything in this life, and if there is, then who He is. I heard on TV that a modern and educated person must know three things: one foreign language, to be able to work on a computer, and read the Bible. And since I knew English quite well, and was about to buy a computer, all that was left was to read the Bible. This was the time of the late ‘80s when buying a Bible was a very difficult matter in the former USSR. Still, I managed to read the Gospel, and this gave me the impetus to understand that Jesus Christ is God and the Savior whom I need to look for. Unfortunately, at a time when there were no believers, the search took 10 long years. But in 1997, I found myself in a meeting of evangelical believers, where I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior.

In 1999, by divine call, I repatriated to Israel, and here, in the Promised Land, I was baptized in the Baptist congregation in Tel Aviv. After joining a local church, I began to study the Scriptures by attending a local seminary. In the congregation, I began to engage in technical ministry in our worship team, recording and distributing discs. I began to lead Biblical Counseling and Bible Study groups at home. I also became the leader of an evangelistic group, took up the ministry of soul care, the ministry of the homeless, became an elder, began to preach the Word of God and considered it a necessity in continuing systematic theological education in order to better understand Scripture and be more fruitful in serving God and people. Therefore, I decided to enroll in the Israel College of the Bible, where, by the grace of God, I received a Biblical Counselor degree and continued my studies for a bachelor’s degree.

Five years ago, the Lord called me to work with addicted people in a men’s rehabilitation center, where I am the director of the spiritual program, and also serve as a pastor in the small community “Even Ezer,” which was started three years ago to serve addicted people in this rehabilitation center.

Our prayer is that the Lord will strengthen and give much wisdom, spiritual and physical strength for this basis of ministry, the results of which can take years. We need prayerful and practical support. We also need ministers and volunteers who have clear theological education. This is a real and very urgent need for Israel.”

Your generosity helps SGA-supported pastors like Sergei and Ukrainian and Russian-speaking churches reach Jewish people who are hurting and struggling. Help them continue to be messengers of emergency humanitarian aid and the Gospel!

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