Editor’s Note: The images below were provided by an SGA-supported seminary in Ukraine.

Here is an account from Benjamin at an SGA-supported seminary in Ukraine. He recounts his near-death experience from earlier this month when a bomb was dropped right in front of him . . . 

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Proverbs 18.10: “The name of the Lord is a strong Tower, the righteous flees into it and is safe.” 

Today, very often, believers remember this text when alarm sirens sound. We hear explosions of various caliber shells. We understand that you can’t hide physically anywhere and can run only to God, and ask Him in the name of Jesus for safety for yourself and those who are nearby.  

I myself am from [a Ukrainian city] that the whole world has known over the past [few weeks]. Such a small town, but it became a “lump in the throat of soldiers”, not letting them into the capital of independent Ukraine. While in it, I had to hide with 32 other Ukrainians in a shelter in [our] seminary. During the first eight days of the war, we became witnesses and specialists in the “inputs” and “outputs” of shells fired from weapons on civilians. These are children’s hospitals, clinics, shopping centers, etc.  

One time I had to go to the checkpoint, to the guys with hot food, where, by the way, my son was on a mission to defend the city, I got into the 30 m zone, hit by an air bomb and it exploded before my eyes. It was useless to run into a shelter or a strong human tower. EVERYTHING was demolished! And for the first time in my life for my 53 years, I yelled to God: Save these guys their lives! Smoke passed from gunpowder and rubble that flew up several meters around and into the sky. Concrete blocks were demolished where 12 people were hiding, who were thrown out from that place. 

But … The name of the Lord saved everyone’s life! Everybody is alive! Then the boys told me: We heard you screaming! This is where our safety is in the name of the Lord. Come to God’s tower more often. It is quiet and safe there for your soul and body. Do not wait for shells and bombs that will force you to seek refuge. Only God calms down human soul! 

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