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Editor’s Note: The following story and images were provided by an SGA team member in Ukraine.

Sometimes it is very tempting to think that God has left us in the middle of hard times. Or doubt that He cares about us when we don’t have our prayers answered in the way or timing that we expect. But as you will read in the story below from SGA team member Angela, there is a greater picture than the one that we usually see right in front of us. Angela attended a conference last week where a woman asked her a question that made her think more of what is happening in Ukraine overall. 

God Is Our Refuge And Strength 1

Here are Angela’s words:

Beyond the Bad News

“What do you think? Is all of Ukraine currently in a type of depression?” asked a lady from a Western country after hearing a lecture on trauma and its consequences. I took a breath before answering … because pictures of smoke, missiles, holes in buildings and the look in the eyes of my brothers and sisters in front-line cities popped up in my mind. 

“It probably depends on your definition of depression.” I answered slowly. “Perhaps not many are diagnosed with it, but all over the country, the people of Ukraine surely have the symptoms.”

To some level grief, fear, anxiety, emotional instability and insomnia probably plague us all, not to mention the more serious effects that others undergo in the areas constantly under gunfire. In all honesty, it’s easy to get caught up in the ‘depressing’ atmosphere of it all. Yet as Ukraine fights on the battlefield during this war,, we Christians fight for a different kind of peace—a peace in our hearts.

So, it helps to see beyond the bad news—to see things like:

  • The Gospel is reaching far and wide.
  • People who never knew the Lord before the war are now coming to church every Sunday.
  • New ministries are starting, and new ministers are serving.
  • There are smiles on the faces of internally displaced people while attending another church event. 
  • Christians are sharing prayer needs and holding hands as they pray together.
  • Volunteers are coming from different countries and helping rebuild destroyed houses. 

It helps to see, to know, and to keep our eyes focused on God – because God is here, in the midst of it all. 

God Is Our Refuge And Strength 2

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