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Editor’s Note: The testimony and image below were provided by an SGA-supported pastor in Belarus.
Blessing A Family With Food For The Body And Spirit

While this father was away earning money for the family, both physical and spiritual food were being delivered to his family back home. When the father returned, he saw great change in his wife and children.  Through SGA-sponsored Compassion Ministry, this family had received much needed necessities, along with a greater need of the Gospel message. 

Grigori is now seeking that same spiritual food, and his family is hoping to see this same change in him.  Please pray for this family as they continue to be discipled by Pastor Victor and his family.  

I want to introduce you to a man. His name is Grigori. He is 53 years old. Because he could not find work in the village, he left his family and went to work. He did not come home for several months, and the family was in need of food. We visited the family, told them about Christ and gave them food packages. The family has three children, and they began to attend our Sunday school regularly.

When Grigori returned home, they told him that believers were coming to the house and bringing food. He also learned that the children had begun going to Sunday school. He became interested and went to worship on Sunday together with his children. After the service, we got to know him. During the conversation I learned that Grigori had seen a change in his children and decided to check out where his children were going. 

He has now attended four Sunday services without missing a beat! From what he says, he likes it. Every time after a service I take Grigori and the kids to my house, and we continue to talk about God at the dinner table. Our friendship grows stronger, and my wife and I pray that the Lord will give him a spirit of repentance. May the mercy of the Lord save this soul. Please pray for him with us.

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