He makes paths through difficulties

Sergei is a faithful missionary pastor supported through SGA in Belarus. He loves the Scripture passage about God’s hand being . . . not so short that it cannot save (Isaiah 59:1). His recent report demonstrates that wonderful promise in action. 

Nikita's repentance.
Nikita’s repentance.

“The new year began with another soul reconciled with God. Young Nikita responded to the call, stepped forward, and in a prayer of repentance committed his life to God. He had attended Sunday school, joined the youth ministry, and traveled to Christian camps. Praise God that Nikita is one of those youth for whom we pray, that they will stay in the church and not trade their faith in the Lord for the values of this material world. Please pray that the Lord God will strengthen him to follow Him faithfully.

Our Christmas outreaches were very fruitful, with more than 150 children taking part, including from the local orphanage, followed by a conference for couples in February. I’d also like to share about the events related to a meeting with unbelieving students at a recreation center over a weekend. My daughter Ulyana and I were to talk about the father-daughter relationship. We were asked to talk openly about relationship problems, psychological traumas, and how we coped with it. This was a very open and important discussion for teenagers who are currently going through a difficult period of life. 

Meeting with unbelieving students.
Meeting with unbelieving students.

When we left for the event, I felt prompted to bring my work clothes with me and about halfway there, the coolant temperature started to rise in our vehicle. I pulled over and noticed that the car was leaking antifreeze. I changed into my work clothes, climbed under the car, and was able to determine the cause of the leak—a worn out and cracked hose. My wife, daughter, and I prayed for wisdom in making a decision as the students were very much looking forward to seeing us! After melting the snow and refilling the radiator, I was able to drive to the nearest gas station. After a slight delay, we were able to reach the destination! The fellowship with the students was just great! After the meeting, the guys and girls came up to me and sincerely thanked me for the help. I prayed that they understood the biblical principles conveyed during our conversation. The goal was worth it, overcoming difficulties to conquer the problems and challenges that arose along the way! We talked for a long time, sharing our experiences and worries. We returned home well past midnight, but our hearts were at peace and deeply satisfied with the ministry we had done.

Once again, I want to thank you, dear brothers and sisters, for your prayers for us! We need it so much!”

Please continue to pray for Sergei and his ministry among orphan children. We praise and thank the Lord for the determined, selfless example he is setting, modeling Christ’s love before them.  

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