Chernobyl Radiation Still Contaminates Milk in Ukraine
Jul 31, 2018

Chernobyl Radiation Still Contaminates Milk in Ukraine

Chernobyl Radiation Still Contaminates Milk in Ukraine

Soviet authorities resettled more than 350,000 people after the accident but many more still live in contaminated areas.

A recent article in Environment International is raising concerns over milk contaminated by residual radiation from the Chernobyl nuclear accident in Ukraine. The report claims that milk from Ukrainian villages 150 miles away from Chernobyl is five times more radioactive than the government judges to be safe. The report adds that unless officials properly intervene, the radioactivity levels will not reach the safe limit until at least 2040. In another Chernobyl-related incident, a forest fire in June raged for several days in the restricted zone around the nuclear plant. However, authorities said there was no radiation increase detected in the air around the plant or in Kiev.

This situation once again shows how the Chernobyl tragedy continues to devastate lives more than 30 years after the accident. Please intercede for the evangelical churches in Ukraine and Belarus who minister in these regions. Pray also for the SGA-supported Little Pear Children’s Diagnostic Camp in the town of Kobrin as they support children affected by the residual radiation.

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