Sep 18, 2017
CIS In the News

Stunning Number of Alcohol Deaths in Irkutsk

Within the past year, at least 33 residents of Russia’s Irkutsk region were reported to have died after drinking scented bath oil despite warnings against swallowing it. Another 16 people were hospitalized. Russian investigators said that this is one of the deadliest cases of its kind in years. The victims were apparently in a desperate search for an alcoholic high. Use of counterfeit alcohol is rampant in some parts of Russia, with ongoing economic struggles putting more people below the poverty line. All the victims were poor residents of Irkutsk. 

Our hearts break over tragedies like this, and we are thankful to the Lord for the opportunity to support evangelical churches that operate Bible-based drug and alcohol rehab centers as part of their ministries. Please pray with us for additional resources to reach substance abuse victims for Christ.

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