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Aug 27, 2019

Russia’s Chief Mufti: “Russia Will Be One-Third Muslim in 15 Years!”

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According to a recent article in the Moscow Times, Russia’s chief Islamic leader predicts that Russia will be one-third Muslim in 15 years based on current demographic trends. Ravnil Gainutdin, who chairs the Russian Council of Muftis, added that dozens of new mosques will need to be built in the country’s largest cities. Russia’s Muslim-majority regions, such as the North Caucasus republics and Tatarstan, are known to have the highest birth rates in the country. The remarks were made at a forum hosted by the Russian parliament, and were echoed by Dmitri Smirnov, a priest and official with the Russian Orthodox Church. Smirnov added that he thought it was “too late” to reverse the trend.

While such a headline is certain to be unsettling to many, the evangelical churches SGA serves consider this to be a growing mission field in their own neighborhoods. Several missionary pastors sponsored by our mission have discreet ongoing ministries in the Muslim regions, and lives are being changed through the proclamation of the Gospel. While we cannot often share their ministries openly, they are thankful to God for you, and for your faithful support that makes their ministries possible.

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