In one of the earth’s most frozen regions, you help bring Christ’s warmth.

Elena Rusinova
Amur Region, Russia

 Elena with sisters Arina and Vika.
Elena with sisters Arina and Vika.

Back in November, a quarantine that had been in effect for the local orphanage was lifted and we were able to resume our lessons. After our first lesson, I had the chance to get acquainted with a 13-year-old boy named Afanasiy whose parents died. While he has a half-sister, the authorities will not allow her to take him because her apartment is too small. Afanasiy listened carefully as we talked about God, who loves and helps the suffering. During our conversation, he spoke up and said that he wanted to know how God could help him. Afanasiy wept as we told him about the love of Jesus. Then I prayed for him, especially that he would turn to the Lord and be saved.

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Elena with Afanasiy.

We also talked to two sisters named Arina and Vika. They had prayed with me at our last meeting before the quarantine a month earlier. They told me that they had kept on reading the Bible and praying. Vika and Arina both completed all the tasks assigned at the last lesson. Their parents live in another village, and their mother was supposed to take them back home at the end of the month. We hope that we will be able to visit them and keep our contact up.

The theme of our lesson focused on how “sin leads to trouble.” We conducted a Bible lesson about sin and its consequences. We illustrated the lessons in three ways, then did crafts and talked to the children. We give thanks for all of you who collaborate with us in this ministry. Please pray for the children, that the Word of God will work in their hearts!

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