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Editor’s Note: The testimony and images below were provided from Israel.

SGA’s Senior VP of Ministry Operations Eric Mock reports how the Gospel is going forth to Russian-speaking Jews who had not heard it before. As they face wars on many fronts—in Ukraine and in Israel—people are suffering under constant anti-Semitism. Read more about how Natalia and her family are finding the peace of God as they face a war of sinful human hearts.

Natalia and her husband are Jews from Ukraine. They are both general practitioners. They lived in Germany for 9 years, but having endured anti-Semitic hostility, they were forced to return to Ukraine, where they were caught by the war with Russia.

A year and a half ago, Natalia and her daughter immigrated (‘made aliyah’) to Israel, while her husband continues to work as a military medic in Ukraine, and their son-in-law is fighting in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

On the very first day of the war in this region, a rocket hit a house next door to them. They managed to hide, but a few moments later, another rocket hit the apartment above them, which would strike against their apartment, but they both survived. The consequences of this air raid can be seen in the photo attached.

We have visited Natalia and her daughter two times already. We shared about our Christian community and faith. Natalia is open to hear and says that she senses a pleasant feeling being in our company and God’s presence and His love that emanates from us. Please pray for the repentance of Natalia and her family, and for God to keep the lives of her loved ones in Ukraine.

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