Sep 14, 2021
Compassion Ministry

Editor’s Note: The images below were provided by an SGA-sponsored church in Yakutia.

Pastor Yegor and his congregation helped many people in the surrounding villages during a raging forest fire. Some of the men from his church have joined the volunteer firefighters to help, and a team of doctors has also helped locals with medical care.

BELOW: We covet your prayers for Pastor Yegor and our spiritual family members in Yakutia. Join us in asking God to stop the forest fires, and that He would turn hearts toward Himself as suffering individuals and families hear the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Members from Pastor Yegor’s church joined the volunteer firefighter brigades in order to protect their homes. Praise God for the courage He has given them to help!
A team of Christian doctors took a missionary trip to the village of Cherkekh to provide medical care to members of the community.
Yakutia is the driest it has ever been in the last century. Hundreds of forest fires have burned in an area of more than two million acres.
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