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Feb 22, 2019

In Krasnoyarsk Region, Your Support Reached 1,120 Orphans at Christmas

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With your support, we were able to organize a bright, colorful Christmas play for local orphan children. In addition to the orphanage programs, we also had an opportunity to present the story of Christ’s birth to children from dysfunctional families, in four local churches, and in five remote villages. Altogether, the Krasnoyarsk Orphans Reborn team had 20 performances for more than 1,120 children.

One great blessing for us was the participation of two older orphans, Artem and Yuri. Yuri graduated in 2018, and he regularly participates in our meetings with children at different orphanages. This past December 28, Artem had his birthday and we took our play to the very orphanage where Artem had grown up. Earlier, we had served and reached him there, and now Artem is serving others in like manner. This helped set a good example for the orphan children now resident at the facility.

One of the programs where Artem and Yuri participated took place in Bogotol, a remote town some distance from Krasnoyarsk. Orphans Reborn team member Andrei Shalygin relates that the outreach was a tremendous success . . .

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Artem and Yuri

This year, we were able to put together three performances, two in Bogotol and one in Bolshaya Kosul, where 69 children and more than 20 adults were waiting. In Bogotol, the two programs were necessary because the building was not able to hold all the people who wanted to attend! The number was over 110 children, and about 60 adults. At least 90 percent were children and adults who did not know Christ. They all were invited to our Sunday services, and the children were invited to participate in our Christmas day camp, which is held over a six-day period. We assembled gifts for children with physical challenges and took them to their homes. Then we organized Christmas visits to children in four villages. This is a wonderful time where God opens doors for us. We are so thankful to SGA partners for your participation in our ministry!

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