Jul 24, 2017

Pastor Nikolai in Belarus

Our church prayed in advance of this camp season, and God helped us through you, dear brothers and sisters. This year, 93 percent of the children at the camp were from unbelieving homes, and mainly from large, needy families. We had 148 children in total, and of that number, 46 children prayed to repent and trust in Christ as their Savior!

Our town is small and I have been getting many good reports about our church and the camp. Parents are telling us they notice the changes in their children, including 12-year-old Oleg who stopped smoking and began to attend the Sunday school. Oleg’s mother is now also coming to the church. Here are some other testimonies:

My parents don’t believe in God. When I came to the camp, it was all new to me and interesting. The children stood up for prayer and I didn’t want to stand up, but out of respect for the church, I did. At the last day of the camp, my friend Vasya and I prayed the prayer of repentance. During this camp, I began to rethink my life and I am happy to find Jesus Christ!

Nikolai, age 12


Thank you for the camp! I am a mother of six children and we lack money for food. My two children, Sveta and Maksim, were in the camp. The food was very delicious and my children learned about God. And they have obviously changed. Sveta received the book called Faith to Grow On and Maksim received The Bible Explorer. My children have begun to help me after the camp. They have begun to pray to God and ask me to attend the church with them and I cannot say no! We decided to attend worship on Sunday. Thank you for taking my children to the camp!

—Name withheld

On behalf of my church, let me express to you our heartfelt gratitude for your help to hold the summer camp. May God bless you and reward you abundantly!

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