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Editor’s Note: The following story and images were provided by an SGA team member in Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine has caused so much suffering. Here are a couple of videos from Ukraine. You will see in the first video the horror these families have seen is unthinkable to most—yet common for most families in Ukraine. They are grateful to God for the aid, and along with it, the hope of the Gospel. 

Thank you for all that you do to serve these churches who are caring for these families in need.

From Pastor Leonid …

Dear friends in Christ! Peace and grace from the Lord!

We are grateful to you all for your faithful ministry before the Lord!  Our church in the Vinnytsia region continues its ministry to IDPs all those who need help. The church is on constant duty almost 24/7, without days off or breaks. There are no days off for helping the children of God on this earth. We serve for the Most High and loving God who cares about our Ukrainian people through your dedication and warm loving hearts! Our Lord also has no days off.

We are grateful to God that with the help of the food aid we received from SGA, we were able to go to the Kherson region and provide aid to many families. The situation in that region is very difficult, the war has brought a lot of grief and tears. And a lot of destruction. 

We want to share with you about one of the thousands of such families in our photos and videos…

Here are two videos showing the destruction of one family’s home.

VIDEO #1 (Translation):

“We came to the Kherson region. Our team started working on the roof to at least have time to cover this house. A large family lived in this house. Unfortunately, the house was very badly damaged when a rocket hit it. There is even a baby stroller left here. Nothing was left, all the windows were smashed, all the beds were damaged. Everything was burned down. One daughter was killed. When the rocket hit their house, the family could not even bury their child, their daughter, in the cemetery. They decided to bury their daughter’s body here. She was only eight years old.”

VIDEO #2 (translation):

“Greetings our dear sponsors, especially now we want to address SGA partners. We are sincerely grateful to you for your care, for helping with the food aid and for allowing us to come here and bring your products. When we were distributing the aid, people told us about this house that was destroyed by a rocket. The family that lived in this house was large. There were five children in the family. At the moment, this family is now in Vinnitsia, and we are helping them there as well. 

Yesterday we had the opportunity to bring together some volunteers here in the area and put a roof on the house for this family. But for the family to return back to their home, there is still a lot to be done here. If you have the opportunity, please help us with this. To repair the house for the children and this family that was affected. And the most tragic part of this story is that their daughter Victoria, who was only eight years old, was killed here. We would like this family to return to their home and feel safe here. 

We are grateful for all your care and concern. May the Lord bless you and give you strength and wisdom in everything you do!”

Another SGA-supported missionary pastor recently visited the home and asks for help.

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