Dmitri Mikhava
SGA-Sponsored Missionary Pastor in Zugdidi, Georgia

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Winter camp for young people.

In our ministry, we continue to work with children, youth, and with families. This is how we successfully preach the Gospel in this region.

After summer camp season concluded last year, we cultivated good relationships with the children and their parents. So we decided to hold a winter camp for the youth. We gathered together 16 teenagers between 16 and 19 years of age.

It went very well! We talked about Christmas, the meaning of Christ’s coming, and the opportunity to change their lives by repenting and trusting in Him as Savior.

This is only one example of our outreach. Because of our weak economy and the seasonality of work, many local families are in need. We prepare small food packages and distribute them to the families, and help some by doing needed work. For instance, we helped a widow get a water supply to her home and installed a washing machine. All of this helps to build good relationships with people and to share the Gospel with them!

Another open door: Not long ago, I learned that a friend works as a director of a small kindergarten. She allowed us to hold a Christmas program for the children!

“Stop the Baptists”? Not so Fast . . .

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Christmas program at a kindergarten.

Not long ago, my cousin informed me of someone who came to her neighbors, warning them to “stop the Baptists.” One neighbor’s daughter had participated in our camp last summer. The neighbor replied, “The Baptists do a lot of good for us! My daughter was in the camp and will go again because she liked it very much. If you try to stop them, the whole village will rise in defense of them!”

It’s amazing, because when I first arrived here, everyone was afraid of me as a “sectarian.” And now we see how God is opening the doors! Pray that more people will hear the Gospel and receive Christ in this warm atmosphere! We have already started regular Sunday services in our home. Thank you for participating in our ministry. Praise God!

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