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Editor’s Note: The following testimony and images were provided by Angelina in Israel.

In the story below, you will read how SGA-supported Pastor Oleg, a man from Far East Russia moved to Israel to “flee from himself.” Sometimes life gets so overwhelming that we just feel the need to run. However, it is difficult when you are running from yourself. “Yourself” always goes with you. You can’t run from your own heart!

Thankfully, as Oleg was running, he encountered believers who were eager to share the lifesaving Gospel with him. Through repentance, rehabilitation, and then eventually serving in ministry, Oleg’s heart is now changed completely. He has not only been given longer life physically, but now also has the guarantee of eternal life! His heart is at peace, and now Oleg is sharing that lifesaving peace with people whose hearts are being impacted by the war in Israel.

Please continue to pray that more and more will flee from themselves and run towards God and the peace that only He can provide. Here is Oleg’s testimony as told to Angelina in Israel . . .

“My name is Oleg. I came to Israel in 1999 from southeastern Russia to the nearby city “to flee from myself.” I was a Mafia leader, had lung cancer, liver cirrhosis, epilepsy, drug addiction, and had a psychiatric treatment after destructive living in northern Israel. My diagnosis was: “2 months left to live.”

I am grateful to God for the people who share the Gospel and pray for people on the streets. Through them I heard about Christ who was able to save, and I went to the church to ask for forgiveness. God forgave me, healed me, and freed me from everything! I went through a rehabilitation center, began to serve as a leader there, then became an evangelist, became the director of this center, and served as a pastor in a church in Israel. I have been blessed to live “for nothing” for 19 years, despite the doctors’ diagnosis of “two months.” So, I understand the ministry “save those taken to death.”

I have a Finnish wife, and 13-year-old daughter Shiri. My wife gave birth to her at the age of 46. The doctors frightened and dissuaded her, but we gave birth. Our daughter is an excellent student at school. She loves to make crafts with her own hands. She doesn’t use her phone that she got for her birthday.

God is working during this war and other wars, showing us that we are going in the right direction by not getting involved in politics. We are bringing the Gospel to all nations. In our church we have Arabs and Jews, Russians, and Ukrainians, without disputes about genealogy.

I studied at the Bible college for two years, earned 30 points, then got another year and another 15 points. And now I am finishing my BA. The teaching helps me to understand some issues. It’s useful when I’m in a “desert” but then I find myself among students, with interesting guys, and the Word of God washes me. It helps me to start acting according to the Scripture. “You cannot teach others without learning yourself.” Thank you to everyone who serves us in this, whether by teaching us or helping us financially, or covering us in prayer.

Photo 1

I came to Israel looking like this. If you look closely, you will see who lived in me. As I say, “it was not a legion that came out of me, but a legate (rank) who ruled this legion.” Now I tell people about Christ. I tell people on the streets (like myself in the past) about Christ who is able to save.

Photo 2

During the war, due to the lack of people in the security structures (many went to the front). I began to guard, but without weapons, as I consider myself a peacemaker. This is now also my pulpit, where the Gospel is shared, where I bless people and answer their questions biblically. Questions such as: “Why did everything happen this way?” It is a good time for the Gospel!

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