Jul 13, 2017
Central Asia

Lana Yusov
Children’s Ministries Administrator

As you all know SGA is very much involved in the compassion ministries across the CIS. I want to share a story sent to us by a minister in Central Asia who visits one Muslim family of four: a mother, two sons and a daughter.

The family lives in need, they rent an apartment, and do not have enough means for every day necessities. But the oldest son in the family is very much involved in the radical Muslim teaching. He goes to mosque on a regular basis, observes all muslim traditions, fasts, and he doesn’t like when Christians visit the family. His mother has asked us to visit them only when he is working. As to the other two children and the mother they are open to the Gospel, they listen to the Gospel and ask many questions, but they are all afraid of the oldest son. As to the younger son, he is very talented in sports and just recently won competitions in the city and received medals. And he wants to go to the Christian Camp which is conducted by local believers through the help of SGA.

Please pray for the family and fruit of the compassion ministry.

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