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Editor’s Note: The testimonies and images below were provided by team members from SGA-sponsored Summer Bible Camps in Central Asia.

Sometimes some of the most difficult places to minister bring the greatest delights. In the stories from the ministry reports below, you will read of how thankful these Summer Bible camp leaders are that God is leading and guiding them to different people and different places. And in their obedience to serve in difficult places, God is drawing many to repentance! 

All we have to do is remain faithful to His leading and the results are completely taken care of by the love and grace of God. Please continue to pray for all of the Muslim communities that are being reached through SGA-supported Summer Bible Camps. The prayers and generous gifts of caring friends like you helps to make these life-changing outreaches possible.

Summer Bible Camp Report #1

We go to villages where there is a very strong spiritual need, as children and adults have not heard about Christ, only learning of Jesus as a prophet, which stands on the background in the Muslim beliefs. As we speak the Word of God to both children and adults among the Muslims, the Lord himself leads us and shows His greatness through opening the door to the Gospel—and drawing them to repentance, as these adults and children come to faith and trust in Jesus as their Savior.

When we were teaching the children about the Creation and the Fall, many parents could hear how merciful the Lord is to all living souls. One of the parents, hearing the Word of how God, without destroying the world, gave up His own Son, who was without a flaw or a sin, for our sins, said “ I was blind and now can see.” He approached and hugged me, regretting that it took him so long to meet us. “I knew that the truth existed, but I did not know which of the doors I should knock on.” He repented of his sins . . . Then he said that his home was at our disposal, whenever we need it.  

The most surprising thing is that the parents of the children started asking questions, as they were quietly listening to what we were teaching the kids. Moreover, despite the Muslim tradition, requesting us to be with them at their homes, and not in the company of strangers (neighbors of friends) at the time of prayer, but in their souls, they were like children, wanting to do the crafts and with great delight.

Summer Bible Camp Report #2

Greetings to you, dear brothers, and sisters!  Peace be with you and blessings from our Lord!

We visited one location near the border with Iran, where by God’s grace we were able to hold children’s day camps. The residents in this area are the descendants of Iranian immigrants. We thank the Lord for allowing us to be there, to spend a fruitful time sharing about Christ and studying the Word of God with them. Praise be to God who showed us a miracle!

The children had a hard time understanding that God could come into this world as a man. And they asked to tell them more about Christ, about His life and His works during His earthly life. Some children asked to spend the night in order to hear more about Christ. Some three children came up and asked how they could receive Christ. We also told the children that through the prayer of faith, they could call on the Lord to come into their lives. 

These camps and fellowship with children motivate the sisters in my team and myself to serve these children even more through outreach to them. We see how these children, who are often quite reserved, have their hearts opened to Christ. We thank God that He shows the fruits of our work, as children have the desire to know the Lord. We pray for the Lord to bless us so that we can visit these children three to four times a month and spend time with them. Please, pray with us that the Lord would bless these kids, so that their souls would continue to be drawn to Christ, to goodness and purity, despite the surrounding circumstances in which they live. Thank you for your prayers, and we want you to know that we feel your support! Continue praying for our ministry and us! Thanks to your prayers we feel spiritually renewed!

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