God Grants A Man Repentance And Calls Him To Ministry V2
Editor’s Note: The report below was provided by an SGA-supported pastor in Belarus.

Behind prison walls, a Bible was opened by Alexei. His mother had sent it to him along with her prayers. That Bible was read throughout his days in prison and through that gift came repentance, membership in a church, baptism, and a desire to serve the Lord. 

Read more about Alexei’s story in SGA-supported Pastor Boris’ report below. And praise God for the ways that He takes a sinful life and transforms it into a faithful servant! Here is more from Boris . . .

“The Lord has given a special blessing to our church by ordaining our brother Alexei for deacon service. His helper and spouse is Tatiana. Please pray for them in their ministry.

Alexei lived a life without Christ in his youth. His sinful life led him to prison. His mother prayed for him and sent him a Bible. He loved to read. God granted him repentance. When he returned home, he joined the church, was baptized, and began to serve God. I was at the beginning of his and Tatiana’s family and took a lot of care for them. They were like my children to me. God gave them a daughter and two sons. They all love Christ. The church, recognizing the gift, blessed Alexei to study at the seminary. He loves the Word and preaches a lot, working with young people. And then the time came when the church recognized his gift as a minister and called him to the ministry of deacon. He and Tatiana were on probation. And then the day came when the bishop of the region and his assistant brothers, gathered to ordain Alexei. 

The church was having a huge celebration. The brothers talked about sacrificing their bodies and being faithful to God. Then we prayed. The church in the person of the chosen brothers blessed Alexei for service as a deacon. 

We are very grateful to the Lord for the new minister. Pray with us that the Lord will work much by His grace through Alexei.  May the Lord be magnified through our service and prayers with you, dear friends. Peace to you and joy in Christ.”


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