1909 Sga God Is At Work In Ukraine Preview
Sep 05, 2019
Missionary Pastors

1909 Sga God Is At Work In Ukraine Article MainA praise report received from SGA-sponsored missionary pastor Sergei T.

From time to time, we see the nation of Ukraine described as “the Bible Belt of the Former Soviet Union.” And it is certainly true that evangelical churches have seen a tremendous harvest in the years since the fall of communism.

Not long ago, we received an encouraging report from Sergei T., an SGA-sponsored missionary pastor in Ukraine’s Kherson region. He is rejoicing at the growth God is granting to a new church planted in the town of Nova Kakhovka. …

On April 7, I preached at the Feast of the Annunciation in this church. In this big town, there had never been a single Baptist church. A year and a half ago, a ministering family moved there and began working. Today, there are some 50 people gathering there!

Around 1,000 invitations to the service were distributed across the town, and more than 10 new people came to the service! There were repentances that took place — praise God! One woman said that she had accidentally noticed a postcard in the dust on the ground. It was our invitation, and she came to the celebration and worship service and has decided to go to the new church. People are now preparing to be baptized!

Join us in praising God for the wonderful fruit of not only Sergei and his family, but also the missionary couple that moved to Novo Kakhovka to plant the church. This is yet another tremendous example of how your prayers and support of SGA-sponsored missionary pastors is making an eternal difference for the glory of Christ. Thank you for all that you do!

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