Aug 15, 2017

SGA’s Eric Mock recently visited Belarus and missionary pastor Vasily Kuretz, who shared a wonderful story that actually began seven years ago.

Vasily was driving to the city of Logoysk when a couple on the side of the road flagged him down. He noticed that there were two young children with them—a boy about six and a young girl who appeared to be about four. They had been wandering in the forest along the road and this couple had stopped out of concern. The children pleaded with Vasily to take them to Logoysk to find their parents. Vasily readily agreed.

When they arrived in Logoysk, the kids could only say that they lived where the road is wide and full of holes. Vasily then asked if the children knew where their father worked. Again, they replied yes, and that he worked at a place with a large, green metal gate. Vasily kept driving and finally, the kids recognized a business where a friend of their parents worked. He was able to leave these lost children with the friend, who assured him the children would get back to their parents.

After some time had passed, Vasily became a missionary pastor in Logoysk. He began his ministry at a transition home, where recently orphaned children are sent before being assigned to an orphanage. As Vasily visited, he noticed that there was one boy who kept following him around. Finally, he stopped and asked the boy why he was following him. The boy responded, “Don’t you remember me? You picked up my sister and me in the forest and took us home.” Vasily then found out that the parents had split up, and did not want their children. And God had provided a sweet and caring face for these dear kids to meet again—as if by chance on the side of the highway, and then—amazingly—at the very children’s facility where Vasily would be ministering!

Vasily began sharing the Gospel with this young boy and his sister. They both asked immediately if they could attend the local Baptist church to learn more. But before long, they were transferred to an orphanage. He has not seen these children for a while, but he asks that we join him in prayer that their hearts will turn to the Lord. Vasily is supported in his efforts by the SGA-sponsored Orphans Reborn ministry, and he says this support is vital for his work among these children.

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