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The children enjoyed the Vacation Bible School.

Your Support of VBS and Summer Camp Ministry Bears Fruit.
Pastor Pavel reports from Belarus. 

As we prepare for this summer’s camp and Vacation Bible School (VBS) activities, I’d like to share the fruit of what you helped accomplish last summer. We are so thankful for how God worked!

The VBS was held for five days. It rained at first, but we prayed and God answered our prayers with good weather during the rest of our time. We had 28 children take part including five new children. Our program consisted of songs, prayers, learning Bible “Gold Verses,” worship, fellowship, and crafts. As we worked with wood at one craft session, I shared the Bible story of how Jesus calmed the storm.

I would like to share the story of one new boy who came to VBS. His name is Yaroslav, and he was very disobedient, disregarding all our rules. We worked with him for several days and tried to change his behavior. We were very amazed on the fourth day when he expressed the desire to pray. He asked the Lord to forgive him for his bad behavior, and then I prayed for him. On the fifth day, Yaroslav’s behavior had completely changed. He asked if he could pray before the meals and thank God for the food and the cook. He helped me with some work at the VBS and we became friends.

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Yaroslav at VBS.

And it didn’t stop there. After the VBS was over, I visited his mother and brought her a food parcel. She had broken her leg and was at home. She told me that Yaroslav had been helping her with all the work at home such as cleaning the house and washing dishes. I am so happy for Yaroslav and pray that God will continue His work. We sometimes don’t see the immediate results of our ministry, but the seeds are planted and we can see the fruit later.

I know that the children enjoyed our VBS, and they asked us to hold it again this year. It is a good testimony for the children’s parents and the residents in the village. The people recognize us and treat us with respect, and we give all the glory to God. I thank you for your prayers and financial help! Please pray for our VBS this year, especially that God will bring many boys and girls to Himself!

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