Christ over COVID

Mikhail Semenov
SGA-Sponsored Missionary Pastor in Ukraine

Providing food and hygiene items.
Providing food and hygiene items.

By God’s grace, my family, sisters and brothers from the Mirnograd church continue to reach out to needy families in the eastern Ukraine war zones.

In this challenging time of a global pandemic, we try to visit families where the need for food and hygiene items is especially desperate. We visited about 30 families this month, mostly those who are not able to provide nutrition for their children that must stay home due to the mandated quarantine. The parents tell us that their need in food is critical.

Your help through SGA is a great blessing to these desperate families. This is providing them with their only means to survive in these times of lockdown, when all businesses are closed and when the parents are either laid off from their jobs or lose them entirely in the context of the ongoing war.

We are passing on our heartfelt thanks for your help, which we distribute to people who suffer the trauma of war and now the challenges of a ruthless disease. May the Lord render to you by His great mercy and grace! 

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