Two Stories of Compassion
Dec 28, 2018
Compassion Ministry

As the verses of Matthew 25:35-36 so wonderfully illustrate, meeting someone’s physical needs —whether that be hunger or thirst, clothing or shelter — powerfully shows the recipient our heart for the Lord as we serve Him through acts of compassion. Our SGA-sponsored missionaries and churches see encouraging response each time families and individuals in desperate need are helped — including these two recent outreaches.

From Siberia:
Two Stories of CompassionTwo Stories of CompassionPastor Oleg began visiting Dima and his large family. Dima is a war veteran who struggles with PTSD after seeing much death and destruction. He’s even struggled with thoughts of suicide with his family in such need. But when Oleg visited the family and brought a food package, it was very gratefully received. Oleg is asking that we pray for this new opportunity, and that Dima and his family will respond to the Gospel.

From Georgia:
Two Stories of CompassionA family of three women and four children fell on hard times after the head of the family perished in an automobile accident. The husband of one of the daughters abandoned the family, and one of the sons went to prison, leaving his wife and children behind with his mother.
A grandfather who had been helping died recently. One of the children is physically challenged. The adults work, but the income is so meager that they cannot keep the utilities turned on. The help of the church with food has made a great impact, and the family is very thankful to God for the help they receive from believers.


These are only two examples of how the love of God and your faithfulness is helping to meet enormous physical needs. More than that, this ministry of compassion is opening many opportunities for the life-changing Gospel, and the glorious harvest is eternal!

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