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Editor’s Note: The following testimony and images were provided by an SGA team member in Ukraine.

As you read Pastor Gennady’s ministry report below, notice how the food aid distributed to displaced Ukrainians and community members like Igor has helped them hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through SGA-supported Compassion Ministry, the churches we serve in Ukraine boldly walk through the doors God opens to offer spiritual care to people in need.

Even after assisting with 23 million meals for hurting Ukrainians since the war began, the joy is that over one million have heard the Gospel through food packages and other emergency aid that generous friends like you have helped to provide. The Gospel is our focus and always will be. Read more from Gennady’s report . . .

Dear friends in Christ! Dear SGA ministers,

First of all, we thank the Lord for His blessings and His protection. In January, the [invaders’] army increased its shelling of [our city]. This caused a lot of destruction and human loss. But the Lord protects His children and continues to keep them under His wings like a bird keeps its babies under its wings. [Our] church sincerely thanks you all for the help we received from SGA in January. Your invaluable help has enabled us to continue our ministry of providing food for unbelievers who are in particular need. About 1,100 people have received food aid. We were also able to use these products to prepare meals for poor and large families. Every day, which is five times a week, about 30 people receive a hot lunch.

Volunteers from our church continue to serve people affected by the war. People also receive help in many other areas of need: moral support, food, clothing, and housing restoration. As always, we focus on providing food and, of course, the Word of God to the displaced people. We are grateful to the Lord that every week on Tuesdays, many people come to study the Bible in small groups. Now we have eight small groups on a regular basis, with over 100 people attending. These people also received food aid.

Recently we started a new ministry in our church: a children’s development center. Christian teachers and professionals work in this center. They help children of all ages, from six to 16 years old, to study school subjects. These classes are held four times a week. Teachers teach children math, Ukrainian, English, programming, history, and a Bible lesson. There will also be drawing and music classes. Many non-believing families come to us because it is difficult for their children to study online. And in [our city’s] schools now only online classes are being held.

We are now looking for a small room for this Children’s Development Center because there are not enough classrooms in our church building. During the classes with children, we also communicate with the children’s parents. It is on biblical topics. We pray and believe that this ministry will bear fruit for eternity!

Your food aid is a great blessing for both believers and many unbelievers. May our Lord Jesus Christ be magnified through your ministry and dedication (2 Corinthians 9:12). God’s abundant blessings!

With gratitude,

Pastor Gennady

Here is a testimony from one of our community members who received food aid and now believes in Jesus . . .

Providing Food And Gods Word To Displaced People Testimony 1

Igor’s Testimony

My name is Igor. I was born in a prosperous family. My parents loved me, but they did not know God. They lived like all non-believers. Everything was superficial. The Bible was in the house, but there was no desire to read it. Everything that was sinful in my life dominated.

Then I met a girl and got married. We are still together. The fear of God was always there in my life. I was afraid of doing something wrong. I thought about my life, but I never found time to go to church.

I began to think seriously about God from my neighbor. She and her husband used to live very badly: yelling, fighting, none of the neighbors liked them. And then something unbelievable happened: my neighbor Nina became kind, friendly, and did not scandalize as before, they began to sing something together with her husband in the evenings. And I learned that they had become Evangelical Baptist Christians. I had heard of such Christians, and I knew that they were the right people, and they had the right faith. My heart was no longer at peace like it used to be.

With the outbreak of war, we were told that the needy and displaced were being helped with food at one of the churches. I decided to go and get help at this church. When I came, I realized that I wanted to stay there and listen to everything that was being said in this church. So the Holy Spirit led me to repent of my sins and be baptized. I became a full member of the church to which God Himself had brought me. And this is also thanks to the food aid that was given to us, otherwise I don’t know how long I would have wandered in this sinful world.

Before my repentance, I was a very angry person, I could offend, hit, yell at anyone. But after repentance, God has been working in my heart, I can feel it. The prodigal son has returned. My faith in the Lord was wholehearted. This fire was flowing in me, I could feel it. Even in the family, the relationship with my wife became better. And I am thankful to God for my wife’s repentance. We used to quarrel a lot in the family, I could often offend my wife. Now, thank God, there are no such issues because the Holy Spirit is working and rebuking. 

I started going to Bible study groups. The pastors explain everything in such a clear and understandable way. Now I open this wonderful book of the Bible and read it all the time. God has been working with my heart for a long time. I knew He loved me, I knew He is love. I knew that Jesus Christ is my Savior!

The only hard thing so far is with my son. He does not want to listen to anything about God, but I pray and ask that the Lord would give him salvation as He gave it to me and my wife. I praise Him for this!

In a time of great uncertainty, God is bringing help, healing, and hope to the people of Ukraine through SGA-supported pastors, churches, a seminary and SGA-supported Compassion Ministry. Be a part of God’s incredible work with your generosity and prayer support.

Your gift of compassion helps struggling people with emergency aid that generally includes Scripture materials, food, and hygiene supplies.

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