Pastor Oleg—Belarus


Thanks to your faithful support of Immanuel’s Child, children were able to receive gifts, and even Bibles, for Christmas.

I thank you for your prayers and financial help to hold Christmas ministry here in our region in Belarus. The children at our church prepared a Christmas program of the Lord Jesus Christ’s birth, including songs and poetry. We invited local children to our Christmas service along with their parents and friends. Six new children attended the Christmas service as well as children who used to attend our Sunday school. We had personally handed out invitations prior to the Immanuel’s Child program. The children received their gifts, and were very happy and thankful.

Youth from the church in another town visited us to hold a Christian puppet theater after the service. Parents and children expressed a lot of gratitude for the Christmas service and gifts. The Word of God was preached to all of them and we are praying for a spiritual harvest. As I was transporting the children back to their homes after the Christmas service, one young mother named Alesya asked me to show her a children’s Bible. She asked me what I could read to children from the Bible, so I showed her stories about Jesus Christ’s life and gave her the children’s Bible. She wants to come to our church and said that she would begin reading the Bible to her children. Pray with us for Alesya and her children, and for all of the children reached during Immanuel’s Child. Ask the Lord to work in their homes and hearts!

Editor’s Note: Oleg’s report is just one of many that are now coming in from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and the other CIS nations. Please watch SGA’s website for more wonderful reports.

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