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Editor’s Note: The following story and images were provided by an SGA team member from a former Soviet nation.

Some children don’t get the same opportunity as others do to be raised in a loving and Godly family. Dmitri is one of the children who from an early age has been exposed to the consequences of a parent’s alcohol addiction. His father died before Dmitri was even a year old and because of his mother’s lifestyle, he and his siblings were placed in an orphanage. Not knowing any different, he also began the downhill spiral of a worldly and ungodly lifestyle.
            Thankfully, while serving time in prison years later, Dmitri was visited by church volunteers from SGA-supported Prison and Compassion Ministries. It was through these conversations over a two-year period that Dmitri was encouraged to begin a new and godly lifestyle. And now, after being released from prison, Dmitri has already shown the same forgiveness to his mother that God had shown to him. “It was very touching to see how God softened his heart.”
            As you read the wonderful prison ministry report below, please pray for Dmitri and the many others who spend their days inside prison walls. Pray that this is the time when God will open their eyes to a new way of life in Him.    

“Greetings to you, dear beloved in the Lord!

We serve prisoners, sending them care packages, visiting them in the facilities, telling them about God’s love, and supporting those who have decided to follow Christ. 

We also meet people after their release and help them on their way to a new life. We met Dmitri, who has just been released from prison where he served more than three years for a car theft. Dmitri was born into a family of alcoholics; his father died when he was less than 12 months old. Then he, along with his siblings, were placed into an orphanage. This influenced Dima [a short version of Dmitri] at a young age and he got on a wrong track, starting to commit crimes early on in his life. 

While in prison, he reconsidered his wrongdoings, and our communication encouraged him to start a new life with God. We visited Dmitri during his two-year term in prison and supported him.

After his release, we stopped by his mother’s, whose lifestyle led her son to being placed at the orphanage. Dima forgave and consoled her. It was very touching to see that God softened his heart. Now Dima attends our adaptation center, as he has much to learn and acknowledge. 

We keep praying for him. Thank God for his love and mercy! Thank you, dear brothers, and sisters, for your support and partnership. May the Lord bless you richly!”

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