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Apr 02, 2024
Central Asia
Editor’s Note: The following story and images were provided by an SGA team member in Central Asia.

Orphans hold a special place in the heart of God. Bibigul, an orphan graduate in Kazakhstan, is serving God through the SGA-supported Orphans Reborn ministry. Storyteller Diana shares how Bibigul is sharing the Gospel with other orphans in hopes of bringing them to Christ.

SGA’s storyteller Diana writes about somebody special in her own life and ministry.  Bibigul is an orphan graduate in Kazakhstan who has been saved by her Father in Heaven and is now telling other orphan children her unique story of God’s work in her redemption and faith.  “I want Kazakhs to be able to learn about the true God through my life and testimony. I lived in darkness until God came to me. Now I have seen the light. I want the Kazakh people to see the light.”  Please pray for Bibigul as she continues to serve orphans through Orphans Reborn.  

“For many years now we have been praying and dreaming of seeing orphans helping orphans. Bibigul is Kazakh by origin. She was born in prison and raised in an orphanage, with whom we have been friends for many years. Bibigul was brought up in a Kazakh group. In this group, teachers and children speak only Kazakh. The Christian team attended Russian-language classes, but access to the Kazakh group was always closed. Only occasionally through the door did Bibigul overhear how Christians told Bible stories to Russian children. She so wanted to know more about Jesus, but the teacher always told her you are Kazakh, which means you are Muslim. Bibigul graduated from an orphanage and a lot of bad things happened to her before we met her. When Bibigul was at the bottom of her problems, God visited her in a dream.

She heard the words… “I am the true God, Jesus Christ.”

Bibigul began to look for believers who came to the orphanage. This is how we met Bibigul. She believed and received Christ into her heart. This is the second year she has been burning for Christ. Bibigul speaks Russian very well. Last summer we invited Bibigul to serve on our team at a camp for children from an orphanage. It was an amazing time as God worked within her heart. God filled her heart with love, compassion, and care for the orphans. She understands them like no one else. She helped us conduct Bible studies and talks. When the camp season ended we started holding Saturday meetings for children from the orphanage who are in their final year of study. We communicate a lot and help them prepare for independent living. Bibigul is now always with us in working with orphans.

Bibigul says:

“I want Kazakhs to be able to learn about the true God through my life and testimony. I lived in darkness until God came to me. Now I have seen the light. I want the Kazakh people to see the light.”

The most important evidence of her heart is that Bibigul went to the orphanage to see her teacher and asked her to give our team access to visit the Kazakh group and make friends with the children. We started bringing gifts to win the hearts of the teachers of the Kazakh children’s group. Now once a week we gather there to make friends. Bibigul translates and helps us learn the Kazakh language. Now we can talk to the children more.  On weekends we visit with graduates of the orphanage who speak only Kazakh. We teach them how to cook food. We read the Holy Scriptures and communicate a lot. We play football and table tennis.

Our hearts are filled with joy that God is opening new doors to serve orphans in Kazakhstan. An even greater joy is that God has opened friendship with children of Kazakh nationality. We believe in a Kazakhstan without orphans! We believe that every orphan in Central Asia will have access to the Father and will never be an orphan! We pray to God to call more and more orphans to serve orphans, just as Bibigul began to do. 

Please pray for Bibigul. She still has a lot of healing to go through to become even stronger in God!”

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