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Mar 03, 2020
Insight From Michael
Insight from Michael

Will Poverty Crush Them or Turn Them to Christ?  

To date, I have made nearly 40 trips overseas, mostly to Russia and her neighboring countries. Each time I visit, I’m deeply blessed and encouraged to see the faithful labors of the evangelical churches we serve. They are focused and intent on taking the love of Christ and the life-changing Gospel to their people. 

As I accompany them to their mission field, I also can’t help but be heartbroken at the deep need of so many individuals and families. Every country, including our own, deals with poverty. But these are some of the most destitute people I have ever seen. Their needs are not only physical, but spiritual as well. They are devoid of hope, and a relationship with the Lord Jesus is the only thing that will provide them with that hope for today and tomorrow. 

Your faithfulness in support of SGA’s ministries is helping to bring them that hope. As you’ve seen in this issue of our Good News Report, when a church reaches out to a needy family with not only the Gospel, but also real, tangible help in the form of food, an eternal difference is made. Doors are opened for our brothers and sisters to tell the story of Jesus, and how He came to pay the price for our sins, making eternal life and hope possible. I wish it was possible to share all the testimonies we receive with you. And I hope the ones we are able to share will greatly encourage your hearts as they have mine. 

Reaching Russian-speaking people for Christ was the overarching vision of our founder, Peter Deyneka Sr. It remains our foundational vision today, and is only realized through your prayers and generous support. Together we are making an eternal difference in countless lives. And I can never thank you enough!

For our Savior,

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

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