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Jul 27, 2023
Insight From Michael

Your Support for Children’s Ministries is helping reach many young lives with the Gospel.

Now that we are nearing mid-summer, it is once again time to focus on a couple of the special children’s ministries you help make possible through your support of SGA. Orphans Reborn continues to be a vitally important outreach of the faithful evangelical churches we serve across the former Soviet Union. In our last fiscal year, dedicated church teams were visiting 180 orphanages and reaching almost 10,000 children across nine former Soviet nations. Some of the teams are reporting access at new orphanages this year, for which we praise and thank the Lord! 

As for Summer Bible Camps, we are working in 10 former Soviet nations plus Poland and Israel. A total of 723 camps were held last year with more than 50,000 children participating. How marvelous this is, and I can’t wait to see what God will do by the time this summer ends! 

For many of us, it probably seems too early to even think about Christmas ministries, but I can assure you our brothers and sisters over there are thinking, praying, and preparing for them! It is such a vitally important season of evangelism and ministry for them, and bears much fruit for the coming year as they follow up with the children and families reached. I have visited several former Soviet countries as Immanuel’s Child Christmas outreaches are conducted, and am thrilled every time as I witness how God is moving to bring children—and yes, their parents and caregivers—to Himself. 

I can’t forget about Sunday School either. Once the children and their families become engaged with a local church, loving believers begin discipling them in Christ, and Sunday school activities are an important part of that process. All of these things are a steady, ongoing labor of love for our brothers and sisters. Reaching the lost for Christ through the power of the Gospel is their year-long, day in and day out calling. We at SGA are so thankful to be able—along with your steadfast prayers and vital support—to help equip them with what they need for effective ministry. 

Please continue to intercede in prayer for the churches, especially in Ukraine as the ongoing war continues to ravage the land. They will carry on with their ministries regardless, and are deeply thankful for your support. And as always, I can never thank you enough!

For our Savior,

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

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