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Jan 04, 2024
Central Asia
Editor’s Note: The following story and images were provided by an SGA-supported pastor in Central Asia.

Sometimes we don’t know why, or completely understand why people are placed in our paths. But for SGA-supported Pastor Sergei in the story below, he prays that the meeting with a Roma family was for the glory of God. His heart is to see them saved by His grace—not only from their current circumstances, but from their sin and to God’s salvation! 

Sergei could have just passed on by, but instead he stopped and asked for a visit. Even though he doesn’t know what will come of it, he does rest in the truth that God is in control. He changes hearts. 

Please pray for this Roma family and that their hearts would be changed by hearing the Good News of Jesus Christ! And please also pray for the many faithful pastors who choose to interrupt their schedules for God-ordained meetings.  

Sergei shares . . .

“I would also like to tell you about an experience I had. I often drive next to a trash can and sometimes I see a Roma family there—the parents and the children. One day I stopped and introduced myself. It turned out that they came from far away to earn money. Parents collect recyclables, women tell fortunes, and the children beg. They live outside the city in a camp. There is an old car that, for some unknown reason, is still running! Parents collect and transport recyclables in it. I asked them for a visit. I went and looked. Of course, to say that they live poorly is simply an understatement! It’s a little visible in the photo. There is one big hut for the whole family. It has a wood stove. This stove is used for both hot water, and heating. They sleep right on the dirty floor. There is no furniture. What they wear on the street is what they sleep in. Despite the bad weather, the small children walk outside barefoot and are dressed only from the waist up. So as not to change pants. As best I could, I explained to them about Jesus Christ. They are Muslims, but not strict or fanatical. Then we invited their girl to our home. We bathed her, changed her clothes, and got rid of the lice. The girl’s name is Farngiz. This is translated into Russian as the ray or light of Muhammad. The dad is 36 years old; mom is 35 years old. They already have 7 children and three grandchildren. These are the kind of amazing acquaintances the Lord sometimes sends. I would like to believe that this is not a coincidence. That God has a definite plan. Although, I don’t know the plan yet. I ask you to pray about this.

This is our life and ministry. Blessings to you in your life and ministry. We pray for you!

With love, Sergei

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