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A progress and praise report from SGA-sponsored missionary, Pastor Shokan*, who ministers to boys and girls at a local center in Central Asia

“Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belong to such as these.’” — Matthew 19:14a (NASB)

Praise God that I am able to minister at our local children’s center and to talk about this ministry. There are 13 children who are living at our center, with eight more children coming daily to have lunch. They sometimes stay for dinner before they leave for home.

These children are from all from poor families. They either have no father or mother, or a place to live, or they have parents who drink and several of whom are prostitutes. These hardened children who have not been raised properly are the ones who come to our center.

1906 Sga Ministry Email Article Secondary EMy wife Sholpan* teaches the children how to cook, and many of them have learned to make pancakes or different kinds of soup. Our goal is for them to trust in the living God. Each morning and evening we read the Word of God and have prayer with them.

Another part of our ministry is summer camp, which happens in June. Last season, there were 48 children on our list at camp. Every day there were between 36 and 38 children who actually attended. It was a special blessing when about thirty children who had never been to a Christian camp came. But we were not without challenges. The first day, parents removed six of the children immediately after the lesson and didn’t come again. Also on the first day, the parents of one boy beat him after the day was over, and they didn’t allow him to come back. Yet we are thankful even if these children can only be with us just one day.

Our studies at camp focused on young King David and how he relied on God to defeat the giant, and how he forgave his enemies. We also studied Psalm 23. There were children who made the decision that they didn’t want to live the way Saul had lived, but to be obedient to God, and to encourage their enemies and help their friends. Many of the children really want to stay in touch, and we will follow up with them in the fall.

Finally, every Sunday between 25 and 30 people come to services provided through our ministry. On Fridays, these people come to our prayer meeting. We pray on that day for their needs and we thank God. We have Sunday school with the children, then meet with the youth and hold a youth service. God is bringing in new people!

Please pray for our ongoing ministry, and that the children would come to know the Lord and love Him.

*Names changed because of safety concerns.

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