A note of thanks from Vladimir Romanov in Kiev, Ukraine

Stan Barrett, Michael Johnson and other church leaders

Stan Barrett (3rd from left) and SGA President Michael Johnson (4th from left) with Ukrainian Pastor Vladimir Romanov and other church leaders

This past spring, SGA President Michael Johnson and Stan Barrett, veteran Hollywood stuntman, actor, philanthropist, and friend of SGA, saw firsthand the powerful impact our Compassion Ministry is having in Ukraine.

Pastor Vladimir Romanov wrote us recently to share how glad he was to see Michael and Stan — and he emphasizes what an eternal difference SGA partners like you are helping to make. As you support the outreach of Ukrainian evangelical churches through your generosity and prayers, they are able to show compassion by providing food and aid to families in need.

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It’s a joy for us to share blessings with you! Compassion Ministry is a wonderful blessing for us and for many needy Ukrainians!

Our ministry is primarily directed toward poor families who are refugees from the war in eastern Ukraine, most notably in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Two refugees from Donetsk, Vladimir and Angela, have been serving alongside us since January 2015.

It was a great honor for us to serve along with SGA President Michael Johnson and Stan Barrett when they were here in late March. We are grateful to them for the words of encouragement they gave to the needy families.

On that day, we served a wonderful lunch for the families and will continue doing this throughout the year. Every family receives a food parcel with great pleasure and gratitude.

We praise God that our joint ministry is not futile, with 10 people repenting and being baptized. Nina Kaplun and Anastasia Ilchenko repented and are getting ready for baptism. It’s hard for these families here in Kiev. Anastasia has to pay rent, school fees for her 5-year-old daughter Raya, and provide food and clothes for them both.

All these families are grateful for your prayers and for the wonderful aid. Please join us in praying for the people we have been serving, especially that they will grow in faith.

Please pray for our Bible study group which consists of 25 people. They regularly attend our Bible studies on Saturdays. We don’t know when or how God will touch our friends’ hearts. Our work is to sow God’s Word and pray, but He will grow those seeds!

May God richly bless you in His mighty ways and return a hundredfold to you!


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