Jul 06, 2017

Church Anniversary Leads to Witness Opportunities
Gennady Prokopovich, Marina-Gorka, Belarus

A few months ago, we celebrated the 95th anniversary of our church in Marina-Gorka. The House of Prayer was full of both Christians and unsaved people. The youngest was a newborn baby and the oldest was a 90-year-old sister in Christ. Golgotha Church in Minsk helped us celebrate. Former Sunday school students, unbelieving husbands, elderly, unbelievers’ children, and others whom God is drawing to Himself were invited, and they all heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was a very encouraging and refreshing time for our church. I am very thankful for your open hearts and concern about our material needs.

The church building in Marina-Gorka is small, but filled with joyful believers praising God.

Reaching Youth Through Sports Ministry
Sasha Dubynin (Novosibirsk, Russia)

Today, sports are increasing in popularity among youth of differing age groups, and the youth of our church have began sports ministry. We believe that we can win young people to the Lord in this way. At the end of 2015, our youth began training in volleyball at one of the schools in Vladivostok and the Lord has shown His blessing. We have a number of youth who come to our meetings from there, and in February of 2016 we ran special youth meetings for Bible study. I had the privilege of traveling together with young brothers from our church in Novosibirsk to a sports conference to help develop our ministry even further. Our goals include beginning a Christian Sports Club, holding sporting events on the university campus, and increasing the Bible study groups with students and youth of our city.

Women’s Ministry Day Camp in Ukraine
Vadim Adelfin, Ukraine

Not long ago, we were able to hold a one-day women’s ministry camp at our church in Kompaniavka. Women attended from several towns and villages around us. After the opening prayer, we held a fellowship where the women could share about their ministries in their churches. We also held study sessions where we examined the roles of Mary and Martha in the Scriptures, and afterward had discussion where the ladies shared how the truth of God’s Word touched them, and shared their worries and concerns. The women also planned to gather to study the course called “Here is Your God” and to invite unbelieving women to attend. It is a great joy for me to see their desire to grow spiritually. During these women’s group meetings, our brothers will be evangelizing local men.

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