A small family of our own where we talk about Jesus.” – Katya, 18

Marina Yagodinets, Team Leader


The younger children at the orphanage are very appreciative of the guidance they get from the graduates.

Greetings from Vladivostok, Russia! I want to thank you so much for your support! The stage for our ministry was set last summer when we held a camp made possible by SGA partners. Since then, several of the children have started to be more serious about prayer. We visit a boarding school for children with cerebral palsy. We walk and talk with the kids, and tell them about Jesus. The teachers there love us and are very open. We are hoping to begin teaching the children how to cook, then eat together and talk like a real family. We are waiting for full approval from the administration before beginning.


Luda is one of the graduates who we met at the boarding school. She is now studying to become a teacher. I am helping to provide her with clothing, and we are cooking together, talking and reading the Bible. She also attends a group for teens and has started to go to church. Luda has become like a sister to me.

For older girls, once per week we hold a small group at our home for girls who have graduated from the children’s home, as well as those from disadvantaged and regular families. We read the Bible together, encourage each other and pray for one another. There are around nine girls in the group right now. Eighteen-year-old Katya was once a ward in the children’s home, and wanted to share her heart with you . . .

I am happy that I wound up in this comfortable group atmosphere. It is like a small family of our own where we talk about Jesus. Ever since I started to attend this group, I have felt that something inside of me is changing. I have learned how to pray and how to be a bit more patient with people. Words cannot describe our love for Marina! She helps us, supports us, and tells us about God and she loves us with all her heart! I want to learn more and more about God. It is incredibly cool!

As you read this, we will have nine graduates from the children’s home and boarding school participating in our local Immanuel’s Child outreach. Please pray for the children who hear the Gospel, and for the girls as they engage in ministry for the first time. Thank you for making Orphans Reborn and Immanuel’s Child possible!


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