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Editor’s Note: The testimony and image below are from Israel.

Please take a moment to read this story from Angelina, who tells of her first days of the Israel-Hamas war and how it has changed the way of life for all people in Israel. It seems almost impossible that we are hearing more stories of war in yet another different country. But just as our team member Oleksandra shared her story of the first days of war in Ukraine, Angelina shares hers here. 

Pray for both of these countries and for these special sisters in Christ, who are faithfully sharing with us what is happening in their part of the world. May we never grow complacent, and always be ready to defend the Gospel, in the way these Christian men and women are defending their countries and living out the Gospel through their faithful lives.  

Shalom friends, 

As I am writing to you right now, many aircrafts are constantly flying over our roofs. It is a very scary time; we are praying without ceasing for God’s protection over Israel.

On October 4th I came to stay with my family for a long holiday weekend. On October 7th (Saturday) around 6:20am I heard a thunder and while half asleep I thought to myself “It’s probably going to rain now; it is always nice to sleep when there’s a thunderstorm and it’s raining outside!” But a few minutes later there was a loud siren. It was not a thunderstorm, and the rain did not consist of water, it consisted of rockets from Gaza. My parents and I immediately ran to our bomb shelter. When it became quiet, we went out and saw from our window that several buildings were on fire. Later on, Israel announced, “Israel is at war” We were supposed to have a joyful Thanksgiving service that day, but instead of going to church we had to hide in our bomb shelters. Some of our young men and women from church went to Gaza, to the cities around, or up north. They were called immediately as reservists. The first day there was no electricity in our city Ashkelon the entire day. We have been constantly bombed by Gaza. Many terrorists entered villages near the Gaza borders, they broke into many houses. Those terrorists are not just human beings, they are evil. It is unimaginable what they did to innocent babies, women, men, and old people. There were also a few terrorists [where my parents live]. So many Israelis have been killed and kidnapped since the war began on October 7th. It really scares me when I hear sirens and explosions, so while sitting in a bomb shelter, I once took my headphones and turned on the song “Psalm 46” by Shane & Shane and closed my eyes. I turned it on very loudly so that it can cover the sound of all that’s going on outside. The Lord fights for Israel. Israel will persevere because God is on our side.

“Oh, mighty One of Israel, You are on our side 
We walk by faith in God who burns the chariots with fire 
Lord of Hosts, You’re with us 
With us in the fire 
With us as a shelter 
With us in the storm 
You will lead us through the fiercest battle 
Oh, where else would we go 
But with the Lord of Hosts”

On October 11th, a rocket hit the building where my parents live. I happened to be outside the building and saw all those ruins. I started to run to the building and into the apartment, but the elevators stopped working because of the fire, so I had to run up the stairs 18 floors. There was no electricity, a bad smell and it was hard to breathe. I have bad injuries after my car accident that happened back in 2016 so it was even more challenging for me to go up. Praise God I did not feel any pain increase after all those steps. 

That same day my brother managed to deliver me and my mom to the apartment where I live. My brother Elijah went back to [where my parents’ home is] to help those who are in need together with other brothers from our church. It is quiet here. We are safe physically, but our hearts are very heavy and broken. We believe that Israel will win with God’s help, but there is a long road of recovery for all of us here in Israel.


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