Aug 15, 2017

The Fruit of Bible and Ministry Training in Central Asia

Igor loves to share the story of how he came to saving faith in Christ. Today, he is enrolled at the SGA-sponsored Almaty Bible Institute in Kazakhstan, and is a wonderful example of the type of Bible students preparing for fruitful service. But he wasn’t always a believer. It took a personal loss and the persistent testimony of his great-grandmother to get his attention, coupled with the Lord’s forceful intervention . . .

Igor in his younger years—but his passion for ministry is as strong as ever.

I was 19 years old and had met a girl. She became an idol, although I didn’t see it then. For me, she became everything in my life. One day, she informed me that she was exchanging me for other friends, and she broke up with me. I was very sad.

My great-grandmother was a believer and as usual, she invited me to church for Sunday services. I went with her for the next three Sundays, and on that third Sunday I repented. The service had concluded and I left the House of Prayer. I walked about 100 meters away, and then the Lord impressed upon me, “If you do not come to Me now, you will no longer be able to do it. Change your mind and repent!” I turned around and literally ran back into the House of Prayer. I found our pastor, Yuri Vasilievich, and then fell on my knees and repented. After my repentance, the Lord showed me that I needed to be baptized, and I later expressed this desire to obey the Lord.

Today, Igor carries out his ministry in the city of Almaty. He visits the elderly as well as preaches in his local church, and in the villages. He is enrolled in the youth ministry course of study at Almaty Bible Institute, and says it is a huge blessing . . .

Igor’s loving and proud parents in Central Asia.

Not everyone is given this opportunity by the Lord. Not only am I learning new things, but I also am more deeply understanding what Christ wants from me personally. I can apply this knowledge in life for the glory of God. It is not easy to describe. God helps me through the brothers who teach here. Every subject that we had this year, to some extent helps me as I preach the Gospel.
I am grateful to the Lord that He put it in the hearts of brothers and sisters in North America to give financially to the cause of Christ, and their work is not in vain in the sight of God! (1 Corinthians 15:58). Personally, it is very important to me that you have given me an opportunity to study. After all, we are doing one work together in order to reach people. Thank you for helping us and may God bless you!

Almaty Bible Institute students and teachers share the Lord’s Supper.

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