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Editor’s Note: The following story and images were provided by an SGA team member in Central Asia.
Salvation And Reconciliation In Belarus

Pastor Anatoly shares how Kostya and Tanya are experiencing positive changes as they open their hearts to Christ. Read more about this couple’s repentance and how something as simple as sharing a bag of groceries clears the path for a journey to healing.

The more “good” we put into our hearts, the easier it is for the “bad” to be brought under control. In the story below, you will read about Kostya and Tanya whose lives began to change after a visit from a pastor with a bag of groceries.

It began with a grocery bag, but continued on with Bible readings, discussions, and prayer. Over time, there has been heart change. Pastor Anatoly has begun to see these changes. “I can see how the Gospel has already begun to change the hearts of these people” and he and his wife are now faithfully praying, “together with my wife we are praying for them.” Although repentance doesn’t always happen instantly, it is a true blessing to be able to witness the heart changes in people as God draws them closer and closer to opening their full hearts to Christ. Please pray for this couple’s salvation and for reconciliation with their children.

“Greetings, brothers and sisters. Thank God for the ministry and for the fact that I can work together with you in it.

I want to share with you a story about a family I visit. There is the family of Kostya and Tanya. They will soon be retired due to age, and they have two children. Their lives have been different and challenging. Like many others, they found solace in alcohol. Because of their frequent drinking, they were constantly fired from their jobs. It was difficult to get a job, and often they lived “from penny to penny.” Because of their addiction to alcohol, they quarreled with their children and did not communicate for a long time.

When we met, they welcomed me with joy. I brought groceries, and given their lifestyle, a grocery bag was very helpful. That’s how we started our relationship. Over a period of time, I began to see some changes. They started drinking less often and got jobs. When I come, everything in the house is cleaned, weathered, and a table is prepared where I can put my Bible, sit down and we read and discuss together. Kostya and Tanya always listen and nod their heads. They want me to pray. They say they feel a kind of calmness and lightness after praying. Now on the eve of the holiday, we read the Christmas story, and they want to be in the church service. They also really want to reconcile with the kids and get together at Christmas.

I can see how the Gospel has already begun to change the hearts of these people, together with my wife we are praying for them. Please remember Kostya and Tanya in your prayers that they may believe on Christ and repent!”

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