Editor’s Note: The images and testimonies below were provided by an SGA-supported church in Ukraine.

The fighting doesn’t stop to allow SGA-supported churches to deliver the Gospel and humanitarian aid to people in great need. Much of the aid is provided while explosions can be heard in the distance—and before food and supplies are distributed, the Gospel is boldly preached. 

As you look at the images in the report below, notice the little girl excited for a carton of milk. Or the mom and son next to their home which is rubble. You can see both heartbreak and hope in great contrast. You can see God’s people sharing the love of Christ “in word or deed . . . all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father” (Colossians 3:17).

May these testimonies shared by an SGA-supported church on the frontlines of Ukraine’s war encourage and challenge your heart today . . .

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Gennady , Age 69
My wife Svetlana and I live in a village in the demarcation line of the front that was formed in [a Ukrainian] oblast (state) since the beginning of a full-scale war in 2022.
We are retired and live only on pension. Because of the war, we have a very hard time to buy groceries and hygiene supplies, because the shops are closed.
We are thankful for the help, of which we are in bad need. Due to danger of the military actions, no one wants to take action and ride here to deliver goods. People fear for their lives, and many displaced to other villages or towns.
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Alyona, Age 30
I live with two children and husband. We live in the village in our own house. Not far from us, military actions take place and we often hear artillery shelling, and have to hide in the basement.
Since the beginning of the war, I lost my job. Now we are in dire need of help. One of our kids is little small, and we need diapers for him.
We are thankful to for the groceries kits and hygiene items. The aid will help our family a lot. Thank you very much!
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Alexandra, Age 62
My husband and I live [in a village where] since the beginning of a full-scale war, our village has often been shelled with artillery.
Yesterday, my husband went fishing to a pond, and the shelling began. Miraculously he survived. Thank God!
We receive a minimum pension, but we still are not able to buy food and medicine, because grocery stores and pharmacies are closed. It is very hard for us to go to the nearest shops that still function, since they are far away, and practically no one comes here to our village, as it is dangerous. We are thankful for the food and hygiene items. It helps us a lot these days.
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Valentina, Age 72
I am retired and live alone. This war is an absolute horror, in which I am living every day.
Our village is being bombed practically every day, so I have to hide in the basement as fast as possible, but in my age, it is extremely difficult to do. I can hardly move, so sometimes I hide in the house.
I really need help because I am not able to go on my own to the nearest town for groceries and meds.
Thank you for caring about people like me. Thank you for bringing food and hygiene items. Your aid is very helpful for everyday life of an ordinary pensioner like me.
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Elena, Age 35
I displaced with my child . . . because our town is under occupation. My mother and grandmother remained. There is no way they can evacuate now. We have to wait until the situation with the war is resolved and we can see our loved ones again.
I live in constant concern for their life and health. It is not always possible to contact them by phone. Life under occupation is unbearable for many. People lost their jobs and now live in fear for their lives.
Now we live here [in another Ukrainian village] as displaced persons, and I am waiting for the end of the war. I am thankful for the help and moral support. Food and diapers for my kid is a very big help for us. The prices for these goods have risen greatly since the beginning of the war, and as a displaced person, I find it very difficult to purchase such things at my own expense.
Thank you for your dedication and hard work!


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