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Editor’s Note: The testimony and image below was provided by an SGA-supported pastor in Belarus.

Nikita is only 10 years old. But the Lord is already working in his heart as evidenced at a Summer Bible Camp held by an SGA-supported church last summer in Belarus. He has a spiritual maturity beyond his years and has given all of his young heart to God as he trusts in Him—even through painful family difficulties. SGA-supported Pastor Pavel, who directs the camp, shares more from Nikita . . .

Here is a testimony from a boy named Nikita from camp. 

“I want to tell you a story that made me believe in God.

“It all started on my cousin’s birthday. And for some unknown reason, my parents had a fight. I don’t remember exactly what it was about, but I do remember that they yelled a lot at each other. I remember lying in tears all night in my bed and crying. But I don’t think it was all for nothing! In some strange way, I decided to pray, yes, pray!

“This whole thing led to my parents’ divorce. After that my mom and I moved in with my mom’s brother. Now, I would like to thank them all so much for their kindness and help! It was very difficult for me. When my mom found us a place to live, things started to get better. Now I don’t regret that I went through that. I don’t, because I received the most important thing for all people in this world—faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. On the one hand one might think and say: ‘Lord, why!’ but on the other hand you can think and say: ‘Lord, thank you for everything!’

“Yes, it was very difficult. That’s what we sometimes, even I would say always, have to sacrifice for faith! God always knows what’s best for all of us. I am glad I am living by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ!”

— Nikita, 10 years old.

The counselor said that Nikita prayed during the camp like this, “I’m sorry my little brother wasn’t born. Forgive my mother. Thank You for the Bible lesson today, through which I learned how to forgive. You took away my heartache. And I was able to forgive my father today.”

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