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Mar 19, 2024
Editor’s Note: The following testimonies and images were provided by an SGA team member in Moldova.

There may be many seats in a church sanctuary, however, the church is filled with the lives of many different people. Each person has traveled a unique path that has brought them to their seat in the church. 

The stories below come from SGA team member Tatiana, who has been gathering testimonies of those who have found peace and comfort through salvation, and who now faithfully worship and serve with the family of God. Please pray for continued growth of these believers and for many more to find their way to the open doors of the SGA-supported churches in Moldova. 

Story #1

Today, I will tell you about Gheorghe and Alexandra. They live in central Moldova and are 55 and 57 years old. Together, they have two married boys. Gheorghe and Alexandra were faithless all their lives. However, one day, their boys started to go to a Christian camp, and after some years and many Bible studies, they trusted in God and received baptism. Gheorghe and Alexandra were very furious and told them to leave home, declaring that they were no longer their children. Gheorghe had a very troubled youth. He did not take care of the children nor the house. He didn’t have a job, and when he had one, he spent all his money on alcohol and cigarettes. He was violent with the children and his wife, Alexandra. The family was perceived as lost in the eyes of the people.

Throughout the years, their children talked to them about God and invited them to church. Occasionally, they came for holidays. After ten years, the youngest boy got married. After one year, the older boy also got married. Gheorghe no longer consumed alcohol and was not violent. However, he spoke a lot of bad words and smoked. Together with his wife, Alexandra, and the boys, they went to church more and more often.

In 2021, during one of the days at the church, there was a call to repentance. Gheorghe wanted to reconcile with God, but Alexandra stopped him. Even with all the pressure, Gheorghe came out in front of the church and reconciled with God. All his acquaintances were very suspicious of his decision, whether it was done wholeheartedly or not. Three months later, Gheorghe was baptized, and since then, he has been an indispensable part of the church. He has a burning desire for faith and for studying the Bible. His behavior has changed, and he no longer smokes or speaks dirty words. He is much more patient and understanding.

In 2022, Gheorghe suffered an assault, and it was a great miracle that the Lord prolonged his life. But after this incident, it is very difficult for him to work again. Alexandra has significant problems with her weight and one in her knees; she walks very hard. This year in 2023, she lost her job because the school where she worked closed. In winter, they buy wood with the money they have earned so far and from what their boys help them. They are going through very difficult periods both financially and with health. Please pray together for Alexandra to reconcile with God as soon as possible. Pray for Gheorghe to stay strong in faith, even with the difficult trials.  

Serving With The Family Of God 2

Story #2

While children are sledding, some parents are very worried about how they will get through this winter. This question is also asked by Alexandru and Ecaterina. Together with their two children, a 9-year-old girl and an 8-year-old boy, they live in a village in western Moldova. Their grandmother also lives with them. 

Alexandru was born in an unbelieving family, but his grandmother was a believer. She took Alexandru to church sometimes and encouraged him to participate in evangelistic programs and day camps. At the age of 16, Alexandru went to study in the Capital city. There, some Christian brothers told him about the Lord. After finishing his studies, he returned to the village and did everything that young people his age do. Although Alexander heard from many people about the Lord, he did nothing in this direction. One day Alexandru and his friend returned by bus from the capital city, located in central Moldova. On the way, the bus hit another car and his friend died in that accident. At that moment, Alexandru wondered, where would he go if he was in his friend’s place? In that moment Alexandru returned to the Lord and dedicated his whole life to Him. He started going to church, and a month later he was baptized. At one of the camps, he met Ecaterina, whom he married. Now, they serve together in the church. They are involved in all church events, evangelizations, services, and camps. Their children are very talented. They play piano and accordion. 

Serving With The Family Of God 3

Story #3

Today is about Ana, who is 68 years old. She has a 30-year-old son who suffers from alcoholism. When he occasionally works in the village, the money he gets he spends on alcohol. 

Ana is a widow, and she lives in a rented house and finds it very difficult. She has become much closer to God through Golgotha Church. This church helps widows, poor people, and children a lot. They offer daily food, both physical and spiritual at the canteen. They take care that these people and give them clothes and things for hygiene. Often Ana comes to the canteen much earlier and leaves much later so that she can warm her body. At her home it is very cold because of the little wood she has. The wood she has are sticks that she collected during the year, and they burn in a minute without giving much warmth. 

Ana has been in contact with the church for two years. She participates in evangelization programs and is in the church every day where she hears Christian music and talks to the Christian sisters. Ana trusts in God but does not yet have a strong faith. Please pray for Ana and that her faith will grow more and more each day. Pray that her son will turn to the Lord and give up alcohol.

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